Sticky Bonuses on Online Slots

Slot machines have gone through some incredible transformations since their inception. Not only have they changed in terms of the amount of reels and symbols offered, but they have also implemented a myriad of bonus features which all give players the opportunity to earn more than was ever possible. Players can play now and experience these features while they enjoy the game!

In recent years slots have seen an incredible rise in popularity and have become the leading contributors to almost all casinos revenue. The current statistics show that they are single handedly bringing in more revenue than all other forms of gambling combined. 

What is a Sticky Bonus 

In the past, casinos used to offer what was referred to as cashable bonuses, this meant that whatever the bonus was, players were able to withdraw the bonus amount as well as the winnings gained from these bonuses.

Sticky bonuses are different, in the sense that a casino will give you the bonus which is usually quite substantial, but there is a catch. These bonuses can only be used for the playthrough of the game and any winnings derived from the use of this bonus are the only winnings players will be able to withdraw. This means that whatever the amount of sticky bonuses given to players, the casino will take back. For instance, should they offer you a sticky bonus of $100 and at the end of playing your total winnings is sitting at $300, the casino will subtract the $100 dollars they gave you and leave you with the winnings of $200. 

How They Work 

As you would have noticed, casinos will make special welcome bonuses available to new players; some will match your initial deposit of up to $1000 which in itself is monumental, as players are basically receiving free money to use on the slots just by signing up with that particular casino. 

Don’t get too excited though because as explained earlier, if this bonus is a sticky bonus, you will not actually be allowed to withdraw this money, it is there purely for you to play with. The sticky bonuses are certainly geared towards high rollers, and it would be wise of players to utilize the max bet option when playing with their sticky bonus, because even if you do lose the money it’s not like it came out of your own pocket. By playing max bet options you are ensuring that any wins during this time are rewarded substantially as well as the fact that most slot games will only allow the winning of jackpots or other special features when playing the maximum bet. 

Types of Sticky Bonuses 

It is essential to take not of the fine print when players are looking for good bonuses. The term wagering requirements will be seen all too often these days and some may not know what this means exactly. Basically, a wagering requirement refers to how much needs to be wagered before players are able to claim the bonuses. Some casinos have set this mark very high and it is not really worth it, however, there are just as many casinos that offer wagering requirements that are quite low and will be highly beneficial for players, so keep your eyes peeled for these.