Services You Should Offer

Pay per head (PPH) is an important sector in the gambling industry. It helps bookies access high-quality software at affordable rates and widens their client base.

Many sportsbook operators choose a high-quality pay per head service that will meet their needs. The following are five services you need to offer as a PPH agent.

1. Betting Software

Most gamblers engage in PPH gambling on special online programs. Bookies and payers can use bookmaking software to view odds and manage wagers. It promotes an even distribution of money.

Some software provides access to various wager and games. For instance, one software can allow pundits to wager on the Major League Baseball (MLB) games while another one doesn’t cover the sport. But, many PPH programs provide detailed sports records that help gamblers make informed betting decisions.

2. Bookmaking

Many gamblers don’t know what bookmaking involves. Some professional bettors believe that  pay per head service are the ones that create odds for most betting companies. Usually, a punter gives a bookie money when they want to wager on a specific sports event.

The bookmaker then records the wager and settles winning bets once the event ends. As a pay per head agent, you will determine the possible payouts of your clients’ players. So, it is necessary to hire skilled oddsmakers and sports analysts who will set accurate lines and odds.

3. Casino Games

Popular PPH sites offer casino games besides having various sports gambling markets. Some gamblers like playing casino games such as baccarat, blackjack, and poker to calm their minds. Moreover, many online games are accessible on phones, personal computers (PCs), and tablets.

Beginners can play common casino games to perfect their gaming skills, as they don’t have to analyze previous matches. Your PPH site should payout casino players instantly based on their games’ outcomes.

4. Customer Support

Most online businesses need to have well-equipped call centers to serve clients promptly. Many PPH centers manage many wagers. Although gamblers can wager on bookie’s websites, some of them prefer placing bets over the phone.

It is important to set up a call center overseas where players can engage in online gambling. This helps bookmakers operate without worrying about being sued by various gambling commissions.

Many nations have eased some of their betting restrictions. But, other countries are yet to accept online betting.

Punters need to access your call center 24/7 as various sporting events take place each hour. It improves bookies’ reliability and allows players to wager on any sport.

5. Payment Systems

Some crafty bookie operators don’t want to pay commissions when they are due. You can charge bookmakers a per-player fee daily, monthly, or weekly. The law allows you to revoke a bookmaker’s gambling rights until they clear the outstanding fee.

Your PPH program should accept online deposits and withdrawals to secure your money and that of other bookies. Betting companies that allow telephone bets should receive payments using your software to avoid being duped. You can provide the following payment options:

  • Credit/debit cards: most sportsbooks provide this option. You can customize your payment system to avoid recording a player’s card details when they make a transaction.
  • Bitcoin: cryptocurrency is rapidly gaining popularity globally. You can easily track bitcoin without converting it.

Besides, it is a universal currency that any bookmaker can use. It allows gamblers to make deposits and withdrawals as they do with physical currency.

Sportsbook agents can work online or from home. But, it is wise to have a physical office and staff who can serve bookie operators whenever they visit your company. Besides, it helps in building their trust hence attracting more return customers.

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