Scandinavian Online Casino Regulations

In the Scandinavian territory, gambling is very strictly controlled. This applies to Sweden and Norway, where the government tries to restrict citizens’ access to online casino entertainment. These governments take on the features of Malta, a casino entertainment leader. Let’s compare these Scandinavian countries and find key differences and similarities in each local gambling market.

Norway’s Effective Management of Gambling Services

Norway has built an excellent strategy to control the gambling industry and has completely banned all private companies’ work. Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto regulate all gambling business activities, overseeing both real and virtual establishments. Under the management of these companies are bookmakers, lotteries, horse races, and norske sider casinos.

Norway has taken several steps to restrict citizens’ access to foreign entertainment.

  • Foreign gambling sites have been banned. Norwegian residents can only spend their online betting time on the domestic network.
  • Banks in Norway have been issued a decree to refuse to conduct transactions on foreign gaming sites. Norwegian residents cannot use their bank cards to fund an account, place a bet, or make a withdrawal from a banned resource.
  • A ban was issued on all classic slot machines found in traditional casinos. Norsk Tipping released its own gaming terminals to satisfy players’ demand for this kind of entertainment. These terminals have algorithms approved by the state’s control of gambling and are installed only in special places.

In this way, the Norwegian government restricts its citizens’ access to prohibited entertainment. On the one hand, it looks like a monopoly in the gaming industry under strict control. On the other hand, it is a precautionary measure to protect citizens from possible risks and provide only quality gambling services.

How Sweden Regulates Gambling

Following Norway’s example, Sweden has implemented a similar system of control and regulation of gambling. The difference is that only one organization in the country, Svenska Spel, dominates the local gambling market. Under its management are the same gambling activities, such as betting on horse races, slots, sports bookmakers, and national lotteries. While there are two companies in Norway, it is a complete monopoly in Sweden.

Sweden’s banks are also banned from conducting transactions to prevent the residents from using foreign sites for gambling activities. Despite the prohibitions, the country’s residents visit international online platforms. Then, the state took additional measures. Since 2019, there have been strict rules in Switzerland regarding the minimum amount of advertising for products that call for gambling.

All types of advertising must be low-profile and not attract attention; otherwise, they must be removed. That means no discounts, promotions, or incentive bonuses. These factors can’t serve as a motivating factor for engagement in gambling. All unlicensed service providers are prohibited. This makes Svenska Spel the only company to offer its services legally.

The government realizes there is a significant turnover of money in the casino landscape, so the new draft law will allow foreign service providers to obtain a permit to conduct gaming activities.

Malta’s Guidance and Perspectives Drawn from Norway and Sweden

Malta has established itself as a reliable and safe gambling destination. This has gained popularity and fame all over the world. Malta achieved such success thanks to three principles: honesty, protection, and fairness. Malta Gaming Authority is responsible for transparency and reliability, so they have developed a business policy ensuring these goals are met. These rules have enhanced Malta’s image as a trustworthy and secure jurisdiction, luring numerous iGaming companies to establish themselves in the region.

Comparison of Gambling Regulations: Sweden, Norway, and Malta

Norway and Sweden have adopted the same basic principles and rules of operation as Malta. Scandinavian countries have taken the strengths of regulation and implemented them in their own countries to compete with foreign service providers.

Scandinavian countries have taken Malta’s basic model and ensured it works well and smoothly. However, Malta still prevails as the leading gaming industry. As a result, its operators have managed to reach the shores of Norway and Sweden.

One such example is Rizk Casino. The company became available in the chilly regions in 2016 and, since then, has proven its dependability and honesty in these locales. Rizk won the Nordic Awards as a reliable betting platform in its first year of operation. The company achieved this thanks to its flexibility and ability to adapt to the conditions and legislation of the Scandinavian countries.

The casino ensures all levels of protection and integrity and demonstrates that gambling is not just a business. On this platform, each piece of entertainment allowing you to enjoy winning and the gameplay itself.

Final Takeaways

Norway and Sweden are taking all steps to protect their inhabitants from the dangers of gambling. These countries are changing their laws and coming up with new schemes. In addition, foreign companies can now offer gambling services in Scandinavia. It takes a lot of preparation and transformations to make them work. It is tough to predict what the situation will be like in the future.