Read Here For an Explanation of How Pay Per Head Works

Today’s online sportsbook industry incorporates some of the most sophisticated sports betting software solutions to power the operating systems behind their million-dollar websites. Online sports betting has turned into a multibillion-dollar industry in the United States alone in a relatively short amount of time.

However, the main driving force behind this growth is not the online sportsbook industry. Rather, the lion’s share of betting action in the country goes through the private bookmaker running and managing their own independent sportsbook. This shift has come about with major advancements in sports betting software solutions that have been adapted and refined for a private bookie application.

The Pay Per Head Business Model

The term ‘pay per head’ as it relates to the online sports betting industry pertains mainly to the way these sports betting software vendors bill out their services. For one, low weekly price per head fee, you can get everything you need to run your own private bookie operation. Since you only pay that fee for each of your active sports betting customers on a weekly basis, the overall cost of running this business is a fraction of the expense trying to acquire the software on your own.

The Pay Per Head business model is a comprehensive software package that can handle the day-to-day administrative end of your business while you devote the majority of your time to the sales and marketing end of the operation. It would be next to impossible to duplicate these services on your own, not to mention extremely cost prohibitive. Paying a low, weekly fee for just the active betting base has eliminated the start up costs that would prevent most people from opening a private bookmaking service.

The days of phoning in bets are basically over with the majority of the action placed online through a desktop, laptop or mobile betting platform. The sports betting software package provided by your chosen PPH service basically does everything but pay out winners and collect losing bets. That is still the job of the private bookie themselves. However, there are a number of business reports that can provide everything you need to successfully perform those tasks.

Putting Pay Per Head Bookie Solutions to Work

Once you do sign on with a pay per head online sports betting software provider, they will quickly move your bookie business online. Even if you only have a handful of betting customers at this time, you can quickly automate your bookie operation to a much higher level. Your costs will be minimal and they will only increase as you add more active betting customers to the list.

As part of this software package, you will have the ability to create individual account profiles for each of your betting customers. This is a crucial first step in putting these bookie solutions to work for you. Each profile contains some basic customer information for general tracking purposes. It can also be used to set betting or credit limits on a one-by-one basis. This provides the ultimate control that can help to avoid any unwanted negative exposure from the daily action coming in.

The information that is gathered by this sports betting software on an account-by-account basis can be rolled into some general business reports. These reports can provide a quick general overview of all the betting action coming in on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

The main goal of any private bookie is to stay way out in front of all the action coming in. A comprehensive grouping of price per head business reports can easily provide the means you are looking for to accomplish this goal.

Operating Online With Pay Per Head

You biggest online marketing tool for growing and expanding your overall sports betting customer base is your own company website. This would be a tremendous operating cost if you had to develop and maintain a site on your own. Most of the top pay per head providers can set you up with a custom website that will be designed and maintained to meet your specific business needs.

Best of all, you can present a highly sophisticated online presence through this website that is already part of the weekly per head fees you are paying. At no added cost to your bottom line, you can market your bookie service to both existing and potential sports betting customers.

One of the primary goals of pay per head sports betting software is to help a private bookie level the playing field with the big online sportsbooks that go to great expense to attract sports bettors to their company sites. By projecting a professional image through your online presence, you can win bettors over with the higher level of customer service and attention to detail that the big books simply cannot match.

Summarizing how pay per head works are the following three takeaways:

    • Pay Per Head provides a proven bookie business model

This sports betting software solutions package provided on a weekly price per head basis is a comprehensive and turn-key approach to running and managing your own private sportsbook.

    • All-inclusive features and benefits

The weekly per head fee you pay for your active sports betting customers covers all the features and benefits that can help you run and manage a successful sportsbook. There are no added costs or hidden fees for the basic business tools you need.

    • Online operation and marketing tools

With your own custom company website, you can create a professional online presence for the day-to-day operations as well as for the sales and marketing aspect of your bookie business.