Premier League Odds Update for Online Bookies

A lot has changed in the Premier League. Going into Week 12, one of the early season favorites, Manchester United, has fallen precipitously in books across the world.

Online bookies and pay per head agents are likely to have to manage future betting on the following teams.

Before getting into specific tools and the premium deal happening now, see below for odds on teams in the Premier League with a shot at winning the title.

Premier League Teams

Manchester City 7/4

Liverpool 3/1

Chelsea 9/4

Arsenal 7/1

Tottenham 15/1

Manchester United 25/1

PayPerHead Tools to Use to Manage Premier League Betting

Mass Editing Tool – The PayPerHead mass editing tool allows per head agents to make mass edits for all their players at once.

Most bookies understand how this could lead to efficiencies.

When it comes to Premier League future betting, setting a max betting limit of $200 for all players on all Premier League teams to win the championship probably makes sense.

Per head agents should always consider their personal businesses when deciding to create max betting limits.

A certain max betting limit amount could work for one online bookie agent while not work at all for another online bookie agent.

Schedule Limit Override – The Schedule Limit Override tool allows per head agents to set circle limits on a schedule for a sport, player or profile.

This could be incredibly valuable to bookmakers when it comes to Premier League future bets. Most online bookies will want to shut off future betting on the Premier League Championship while games are being played.

For example, since most Premier League games in Week 12 are on Saturday, bookies will want to use the Schedule Limit Override to shut down future betting on Premier League Teams.

Bookies will want to end the override on the following Monday or Tuesday, once new odds for all teams have been set.

The mass editing tool and schedule limit override tool are just a couple of the devices that offers its online bookie agents to add efficiencies to their businesses.

How To Get These Tools

To see exactly how PayPerHead can help bookmakers, they can either chat with a PayPerHead rep online, or they can call a rep at 888-978-0288.

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