Pregame Spotlight: Key Statistics for NHL Games Tonight – March 12th

Are you a hockey fan? Tonight’s NHL schedule will keep you at the edge of your seat with exciting matchups across leagues. We recommend searching the latest news & industry updates in the Esports scene to become a well-rounded sports enthusiast. Let’s look at a quick analysis of some fascinating stats you should watch out for:

Eastern Conference Head-to-head

  • San Jose at Philadelphia: While San Jose might have struggled in the past, they may spring up a surprise this evening. Philadelphia seems to tend towards lower-scoring Tuesday games, and its historical dominance by San Jose should not be ignored. Therefore, the pick for tonight is +1.5 for San Jose.
  • NY Rangers at Carolina: New York Rangers are currently on a roll with a mixed bag of performances covering high-scoring and low-scoring fits. Carolina is a different ball game with lower-scoring games, especially on Tuesdays. Historically, NYR has dominated CAR, which means NYR might pull a big surprise this evening. Therefore, the pick is NYR +125.
  • Columbus at Montreal: CLB has experienced struggles on Tuesdays and the roads in recent games, and Montreal has also been losing recently. When they go against the Metropolitan, Montreal tends to score high, which means we can expect a close game this evening. The pick is, therefore, on Columbus with +100.
  • Pittsburgh at Ottawa: Ottawa often experiences low-scoring games, but their home games are usually high-scoring. With Pittsburgh, they have been historically dominating Ottawa, and recent meetings have recorded high scoring. It is predicted that Ottawa might put in a good fight at home, which means the pick is on Ottawa at -105.
  • Detroit at Buffalo: Detroit has enjoyed several good scores on Tuesdays but tends to struggle on the road. Buffalo on the other hand, often experiences low-scoring games, and Detroit has done well against Buffalo historically. The prediction is that the BUF might win a close game. Therefore, the pick is BUF -115.

Battles of the Western Conference

  • Arizona at Minnesota: Arizona has struggled in games on the road and generally, while Minnesota has remained inconsistent in the games with lower-scoring games at home. Historically, Minnesota has dominated Arizona, which means the former is likely to win. Therefore, the pick is on Minnesota with -1.5.
  • Florida at Dallas: Overall, Florida plays well but only struggles on the road. Their games have been low-scoring, while Dallas has experienced mixed-scoring tendencies except home games. The matchup for this evening’s game is historically close, which means a close is possible. However, Dallas has a slight edge therefore, the pick is on Dallas with -110.
  • Anaheim at Chicago: Both Anaheim and Chicago are struggling teams overall, and both have experienced lower-scoring games in recent times. However, Chicago has dominated Anaheim historically, which means the former might win a low-scoring game. Therefore, the pick is on Chicago with -110.
  • Colorado at Calgary: Colorado has historically dominated Calgary, though it has struggled on the road. Calgary has often had low-scoring games, which means Colorado will likely win, but a close is also possible. The pick is Calgary with +140.

Final Thoughts

This analysis is on past performance and statistics with good potential. However, we recommend researching the game to back up your prediction if you are putting your money into the game.