Pay Per Head You Can Trust

Searching for a pay-per-head (PPH) bookie service you can trust is becoming more difficult, as the competition in the industry is increasing. It’s also hard to compare services if you’re a new bookie.

The majority of PPH shops have similar looking websites and features. Trying to distinguish between the multitude of services on the market isn’t simple when everything looks the same.

What to Look for in a Trusted PPH Shop?

While many of the features and technology are very similar in this industry, some services stand out from the rest of the competition when it comes to trust, integrity, communication and service.

Here are some qualities trusted pay per head services have in common:

  • Communicative: When you run a business that relies on a third-party service it’s important that the service is available 24/7 and easy to get in contact with. If you struggle to reach a rep after signing up to a PPH shop it’s a bad sign of things to come.
  • Established: It takes years to build up a trustworthy reputation in this industry. That’s not to say new PPH shops can’t be trusted, but they aren’t established so there’s uncertainty.
  • Popular: If a PPH service is popular among other bookies there’s a reason. You’re not going to see an unreputable service grow in popularity over the years. When experienced bookies trust the service, you can be sure that you’ll be in good hands as a newer bookie.

Top Pay Per Head Service

Are you looking to join the top pay per head service? While the answer may be subjective based on experiences, 1000s of bookies can’t be lying when they recommend RealBookies.

RealBookies has been voted the #1 pay-perhead in numerous surveys/polls by bookmakers. The company is located in Costa Rica and they have 20+ years of experience in the PPH industry.

They have been voted in the best per head bookie service in 2020 by review page

Here are some of the reasons why RealBookies is a top-rated PPH provider:

  • Anyone can Join: Whether you have 1 or 1000+ clients, you can join RealBookies. There are volume discounts available for bigger bookies, but no one will pay more than $10/head.
  • No Funny Business: There are no hidden fees or commissions. Bookies pay a flat rate each week for active bettors and that’s it. There’s no funny business going on at RealBookies.
  • Advanced Technology: RealBookies provides bookmakers with an automated platform to run an online sports betting site, casino and racebook. Everything is mobile accessible, you get your own custom website to run your business and you have full control of every feature/setting.

Don’t believe that RealBookies are the best solution to launch a bookie? Why don’t you find out for yourself. The per head site offers a fully-featured four-week free trial to get you going. Accounts are set-up instantly, so there’s no reason you can’t get started today.

Trusting your pay per head provider is imperative, as you rely heavily on them. What happens if the software malfunctions or your website goes down? You’ll need help from your PPH provider.

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