Obscure Sports Betting

If you’re a sports enthusiast who enjoys online sports betting, you might be surprised to hear that there are some strange games that many punters like betting on worldwide. Sports betting is hugely popular worldwide and has been for a long time. Gambling’s revenue grows tremendously as more governments legalize it. You’ve probably seen individuals wagering on popular sports like basketball, football, or golf. However, some esoteric sports are accessible to wager on in far-flung corners of the globe that you may or may not be aware of. You can bet on almost anything these days, from Rock, Paper, Scissors to Beach Volleyball; there are even Lacrosse betting strategies!

Online sports betting has never been easier in the last ten years. Online sportsbooks provide bettors access to some of the world’s most popular sports and tournaments. They’ve also started offering a diverse and thorough choice of new sports to bet on, including niche sports. Providing specialty sports betting alternatives for bettors is a hugely effective move because it creates a welcoming online environment and tries to cater to everyone’s preferences. Here are some instances of some of the most unusual sports with that in mind.

Mountain Unicycling

Mountain unicycling is an adventure activity that is frequently characterised as an extreme sport; balancing on one wheel while climbing a mountain appears to be quite extreme. Mountain unicycling events are held in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and even Switzerland. So what makes this sport extra strange? It’s a sport that attracts bettors from all around the world.


Cornhole is arguably the most straightforward sport globally, with teams of two hurling sacks of corn kernels at holes made into two boards. Most cornhole betting takes place on a local level, with friends wagering on one other at a county fair. However, odds on a cornhole championship are infrequently published. That’s when things start to become interesting.


Pesapallo is also known as Finnish baseball and is often regarded as Finland’s national sport. In Germany and Australia, the sport with the delectable name is also popular. The game moves far faster than baseball for the untrained eye and appears completely chaotic. This merely adds to the suspense and excitement for me. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find pesapallo games in your local sportsbook.

Harness Racing

Harness racing is comparable to horse racing in that both a horse and a jockey are involved. On the other hand, Harness racing includes a two-wheeled cart in which the jockey rides rather than on the horse’s back. Strange? Yes. Is there any serious wagering going on? Yes, absolutely! While this sport may appear to be a bit outdated, it is rather popular, especially in Sweden and Finland, where it relies entirely on sports betting to stay afloat.


Futsal is another specialized activity that online sportsbooks have begun to make available to bettors, similar to bowls. Futsal is a sport that is similar to indoor soccer and five-a-side soccer in that it is played on an indoor hard court with five players on each team, including the goalkeeper. Futsal, on the other hand, unlike regular soccer, allows for unlimited replacements. Futsal players are noted for their talent and ingenuity, and the soccer-based game has Uruguayan roots.

Sumo Wrestling

Sumo, also known as Sumo Wrestling, is a full-contact sport in which the wrestler’s goal is to force his opponent out of the arena. This sport originated in Japan, where it is still quite popular. This is also the only country where the sport is professionally played, and thus the nation with the most significant sumo betting.


You may bet on World Wrestling Entertainment, that’s right. You wouldn’t expect WWE to venture into the world of sports betting. However, when you consider the WWE’s fame and the devoted fan base, the pairing makes a lot of sense. The sport is electrifying, and even those who aren’t familiar with the WWE can be immediately lured in. That show is performed many times a week in front of sold-out arenas around the United States and is broadcast worldwide to millions of people.