NHL Playoffs – Pennsylvania Showdown, First Round Great Series Price

This past NHL season has been a weird one indeed but it has been a good one; it has been stellar and one can argue that it has been the best in maybe, a generation. The Penguins are going for a threepeat and they have been quiet about it all year long. They do what they do and that’s play smash mouth hockey, they do all of the clichés, they are tough, in fact they are brutal, they are a whole bunch of hard-hitting, corn fed bullies that will take no prisoners when it counts and now is when it counts. For all of those who have counted the Penguins out this year; you are in for a surprise. Buckle up, this series is going to be a show down and it’s going to be for pride.

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These two hate each other this rivalry is a bitter duel that has stood the test of time in sports and it’s difficult to come up with a better one than this. Possibly this can be compared to both teams NFL counterparts with the Eagles and Steelers. Western Pennsylvania hates the shadow and they don’t live in it well. The Flyers have a chip on their shoulder simply because they have been doubted all year long. They have been called old, washed up and over the hill. They are out to prove every doubter wrong and they will get after it starting tonight. This thing is on!

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The fact that the Flyers are even in this playoff run is a mini-miracle in and of itself. This team is resilient, that must be given to them. They suffered a 10 game losing streak during the season and thing looked bad, real bad. The Flyers have nine lives and they have been able to turn the ship around and fight off adversity and find their way to the 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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Game 1, Wednesday, April 11:  Flyers at Penguins, 7 p.m. — NBCSN, CBC, TVA Sports

Game 2, Friday, April 13:  Flyers at Penguins, 7 p.m. — NBCSN, CBC, TVA Sports

Game 3, Sunday, April 15: Penguins at Flyers, 3 p.m. — NBC, CBC, TVA Sports

Game 4, Wednesday, April 18: Penguins at Flyers, 7 p.m. — NBCSN, CBC, TVA Sports

*Game 5, Friday, April 20: Flyers at Penguins, TBD

*Game 6, Sunday, April 22: Penguins at Flyers, TBD

*Game 7, Tuesday, April 24: Flyers at Penguins, TBD

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Let’s face facts; the Penguins are not going to blow the doors off the dump with their offense but they have enough to get past the Flyers. This series is set to be a slug fest and the Penguins will have to work hard to find the defense. They will need to shut down the Flyers in the early going if they have a real shot at winning this one.

Series Prediction Penguins 4-3 Series Price: Penguins -225