Saquon Barkley Now Has Best Odds to Be No. 1 Pick

Description: Saquon Barkley is an NFL Draft 2018 prospect. He has played college football at Penn State for three seasons and got a total of 5,557 all-purpose yards.

Bert Whigham said that drafting a quarterback over Saquon Barkley it could be the same as taking Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan. This is what Trail Blazers of Portland did during 1984 NFL Draft. Bert is the trainer of Barkley at Orlando Tom Shaw Performance in the ESPN Disney World Sports World Complex.

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What he told the daily news

Whigham (31) spoke to the Daily News on telephone. He said Eli Manning’s backup cannot be drafted where there is an upcoming Hall of Fame running at the back. He also said that the same thing applies for Jets, should you pass on him; he will punish you. He further added that Saquon has no flaws and that the NFL teams feel that he is a ghost or a unicorn.

After seeing client Buffalo DE/LB Khalil Mack go down to 6th during the 2014 NFL Draft, Whigham had the best NFL Draft analogy. Knowing that Mack is a freak able to get to Number one, he was convinced that all 5 NFL Draft teams before Oakland Riders were going to face the consequences.

Saquon Barkley

Just the same way bettors are able to compare odds and determine the best; Whigham believes that the only person that can be compared physically to Mack Khalil is Saquon. Whigham has trained a number of NFL Draft studs and he feels that Saquon and Khalil are outliers.

Whigham also mentioned the features that cause the Penn State to run back and prosper. He showed some pictures of Mack’s shredded body from the 2014 NFL Draft exercise. This was to showcase the elite company where Barkley is placed. He also shared videos where Barkley was running a forty-yard run in Orlando. In that run, Barkley had pushed in their delight work and he led up to the 1st round of the NFL draft on 26th April.

However Whigham was also trying to prove that this great talent can be translated on the NFL Draft 2018 field.

Considering Mack for instance, Jadeveon Clowney Defensive side (Houston), Greg Robinson (St Louis), QB Blake Bortles (Jacksonville) and Sammy Watkins (Buffalo Bills) went ahead of Mack during the 2014 NFL Draft. For 4 years, Mack (40.5 sacks, 231 tackles) has never missed any game. Apart from that, he is a 2-time 1st team All-Pro and the Defensive Player of 2016 NFL Draft. Also, in 2015 he was the 1st NFL Draft player to become the 1st-team All-Pro in 2 positions.

Whigham also said that Barkley may become the 2nd. The NFL Draft 2018 teams may not choose him but he can be the 1st team All-pro as a kick returner and in running back. Barkley once turned in (4.4 40-yard dash, 29 reps of 225 pound bench press, 41 inches vertical, all six-feet high, 233 pounds). This was the best NFL Draft performance ever but Barkley said those were not his best. This could probably be the reason why Whigham said he is likely to become the second.

Barkley has run faster many times. Of the forty they were at 4.28, 4.36 electric 2 weeks before and when he gets 4.4, he never likes the performance.

The fastest forty-yard run ever at the NFL Draft combine was John Ross (4.22 in 2017) who came out of Washington University before he was drafted 9th overall by the Bengals. John attained that at 5-11, 188 pounds- Barkley is challenging this at 233 pounds.

Barkley is very strong and he is capable of breaking any NFL Draft 2018 tackles. He can go up to 180 pounds however he is 233. He can bench 450 pounds and he washed 405 in college.


Saquon Barkley has the best odds to be the first pick in the NFL because he is unique. His legs are constructed like a power lifter but he is among the fastest ones in the NFL Draft. He makes the most difficult choices and his life is about football.