NBA Playoffs First Round = Finish Strong with Teasers

The NBA may not be the marketing genus they once were, case in point; the Spurs/Warriors game ending at close to 1.00 A.M. EST on Wednesday morning. Who stays up to watch this? It’s an easy question to answer, the NBA sports gambler, that’s exactly who is staying up. Bettors can’t get enough of this year’s NBA Playoff action because it’s been close and the matchups are intriguing. We are not saying that this particular matchup was anything spectacular, however, it certainly turned out to be better than what most expected.

NBA First Rounds Coming to a Close – Team Totals Playing Huge

The Spurs found a way to win game four and in dominating fashion at home. Going back to Golden State on Tuesday evening, most figured this one to be a lock for the Warriors in a decision game. They were wrong! The Warriors looked great through the first half and third quarter and in fact they did dominate but not without the Spurs mounting a roaring comeback late in the fourth and nearly pulling of the theft of the season.

These games are close, they have been close and they will continue to be very good down the stretch and what the NBA is offering tonight is four great games on the docket. If you have a great online sportsbook, for betting on basketball then tonight is the night to call them, don’t set this one out. A four game, NBA Playoff day is rare so take advantage of it.

If you have been around the block when it comes to betting the NBA, you may find yourself on the big time winning end and that’s great if you are, keep doing what you are doing and stick to your routine. If it’s working, don’t fix it!

MLB First Fives – Great Way to Beat the Bookies

If how you are betting on the NBA is hit and miss and doesn’t seem to be working then it may be time to mix things up and start fresh. First of all have two or three great online sportsbooks. Serious players always have more than one online bookie, so shop around a find a sportsbook that fits your needs and look for one with a great reputation.

If you like betting the NBA because of the action and excitement that the game brings, join the club. The NBA is a lot of fun to bet on and maybe more fun than any other pro sport but it can also be frustrating. Who wants to lose money night after night?

Betting Teasers:

Teaser betting is one of the most profitable types of bets in sports. Betting on teasers in basketball is a bit different than in football, as you can buy points ranging between 4, 4.5, or 5 points. What you are doing is making a parlay, with at least two teams and moving their point spread. The idea behind these bets is to make them easier to win, but in return, you have to give up the higher payout. For example, a two-team parlay will pay out around 2.6 to 1, while a two team 4 point teaser is more around 10 to 11. Here is an example of a teaser bet in basketball:

Utah Jazz -4 vs. Oklahoma City +4

So if you were taking the Jazz in this bet, and do a 4 point teaser, you would then be betting on them at a pick. This is a great spot to do a teaser bet in; especially if you feel the Jazz will definitely win the game outright, but may not win by more than 4. Good luck tonight and hopefully break the bookie.