Mobile Bettors

For most bookies, providing mobile sports betting usually means taking calls and receiving texts on their cell phones. Taking wagers over their mobile devices, while it takes advantage of technology, is still time consuming and requires personal involvement.

In order to build a scale business, bookmakers need to be able to utilize whatever tools they can to facilitate taking more wagers while still mitigating risk. One of the best ways to accomplish both of those goals is to use a Pay Per Head (PPH) software platform.

As just one of its components, PPH software gives the bookmaker mobile capability that is usually only available with larger, corporate sportsbooks. Enabling customers to use their mobile devices to view odds and lines, make wagers, live bet on events and even settle their accounts can establish a basis for a profitable business.

PPH software is a valuable tool for bookies looking for a way to automate the more labor intensive activities associated with bookmaking. Communicating lines, manually taking bets and keeping track of customers’ wagering activity all take time away from developing relationships that can result in profitable revenue.

In addition, the growth of sophisticated, state sponsored online websites provide potential competition for traditional local bookies. Using a PPH provider is a way for them to offer their customers state of the art technology as well as the personal service that a larger operation isn’t capable of.

Giving the bookmaker mobile application capability is just one of the many important features of PPH software. There are many other aspects that make PPH a near necessity for bookies to use to help manage their business.

First of all, a PPH platform offers an online sportsbook that includes a large variety of sports options as well as different types of wagers. Game bets, money lines, parlays, over/under, futures a prop bets are all supported. The customers see odds and lines in real time as they are adjusted according to wagering activity.

The bookie has the capability to manage each customer account, establishing betting limits, controlling which events are available as well as wagering types. The PPH platform gives the bookie the option to customize lines for their players, based on wagering history and performance.

The reporting functionality gives the bookie in depth information about not only the betting patterns of their customers, but also data about their own profitability. They can see which wagers have made them the most money and use that knowledge to offer incentives and bonuses for certain sports and markets.

Since the real goal of the bookie is to get the same amount of wagers on both sides of a bet, the PPH providers also offer lay off services. Since the software provider has a larger wagering base from many customers, they can take some of the risk off a bookie that finds themselves with too much risk on one side of a bet.

Keeping up to date of the activity of individual customers is vitally important for bookies. Letting a player get too far behind on paying their debts or even losing track of upcoming bets can seriously eat into profits. The PPH customer management feature allows the bookie not only to see where they stand with each player, but also how they are doing at any point in time.

It also gives them visibility into all the bets that have been placed on upcoming sporting events, enabling them to focus their activities on marketing certain wagers. The software gives information on when and where their customers place wagers. If they fail to follow their usual pattern, it gives the bookie a heads up that they may need to be contacted.

By giving the bookmaker mobile wagering capabilities, the PPH sportsbook platform expands the customers’ ability to place wagers. They might not be in front of their PC or be able to reach the bookie on the phone. With a state of the art service provider, they can view lines and make bets virtually anywhere, anytime.

Whether it’s the customer friendly user interface, up to date lines and odds or the convenience of placing bets 24/7, players will view the PPH sportsbook as a huge benefit. For the bookmaker, the technology provides the necessary management tools to build their business while limiting their risk.

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