Metaverse and Online Casinos – Will We See Metaverse Casinos Soon?

Metaverse has been one of the most heavily discussed subjects among technology fans lately. Envisioned as a path to a fully virtual world, the metaverse is actually a network of users using augmented and virtual reality to connect with each other. Through the use of these technologies, the sky’s the limit to what can be created in the VR metaverse –  even create a virtual casino.

Actually, some companies have already created VR casinos based on the metaverse idea. Basically, the metaverse casinos allow users to use their VR headsets to gamble at an online casino – as if they were inside a real one.

It may look a great deal like a real physical casino, but it doesn’t have to be physically limited in the same way. Metaverse designers can let their imagination run wild, creating all sorts of different versions of virtual casinos. Casino players can take part too, tailoring their virtual environment to their wishes and needs.

Virtual Casinos Have Their Place in Metaverse

A number of tech giants have started working on developing their own metaverse concepts. The one with the most current buzz is Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, formerly Facebook, Inc., which has already started investing millions in developing its own virtual world.

Zuckerberg himself presented his vision of the metaverse last October when he shared a video of how the virtual world is supposed to function. Team meetings, global singalongs, interactive presentations, workout sessions, yoga lessons – you’re going to be able to do all that in the metaverse.

Another thing you are going to be able to do in Zuckerberg’s metaverse is play casino games. To do that, you will be able to use NFTs or a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Atari Working on Metaverse Casino

The video game company Atari, famous for such classic titles like Space Invaders and Frogger, is planning a metaverse casino. The company is using a blockchain platform called Atari Chain to create a virtual world in which players would be able to play casino games inside virtual space.

Users will be able to play all sorts of casino games like slots, roulette, card games, etc. in  the virtual casinos created by Atari. The company’s own currency, the Atari Token ($ATRI) will be the only way to play. Atari Token can already be traded on practically all major crypto exchanges. What this means is that gamblers will practically be able to bet real money on casino games in Atari’s metaverse.

Some Metaverse Casinos are Already There

While Meta and Atari are working hard to develop their own virtual universes, there are already some metaverse platforms where it’s possible to play casino games. One of those is Decentraland, a 3D VR Ethereum-based platform. In Decentraland users create their own avatars and use them to live virtual lives. It’s possible to gamble by using MANA cryptocurrency.

Decentraland is a colorful virtual environment in which users can take part in various activities of which casino gaming is just one of many. Something similar awaits you in the MetaHero metaverse as well.

While those two metaverses keep a wide range of activities at users’ disposal. There’s one portion of Decentraland that’s focused on casino gambling-only. It’s called Decentral Games, which is where people can play virtual poker against other users. As per data available on the site, this metaverse casino already has nearly 200,000 monthly visitors.

Are Metaverse Casinos Safe and Legit?

A sort of guarantee that an online casino is legit is its license. However, not all metaverse casinos have one, at least not one that’s approved in countries like the United States. Some have an operating license issued by the Curacao Gaming Authority, while some don’t even seem to have any intention of getting the license any time soon.

The reason why metaverse casinos aren’t rushing to apply for the US and Canadian gaming licenses is that they don’t seem to need them. The mere fact that native digital currencies are used for gambling in the metaverse means that everything falls into a gray legal area.

It is almost certain that once metaverse casinos become widespread, governments around the world will want to regulate the industry. Still, this does not mean that the metaverse casinos we have in 2022 are not safe. It’s just the opposite, actually.

Considering that developing a metaverse takes time, money, and effort, it’s obvious that serious people are behind those projects, rather than scammers. Their aim is not to get ahold of your money but take you on a journey to their vision of the future.