Make Money as a College Student Online

If you are in college then obviously your studies are your number one priority, however, college students generally only have around 20 hours of class time a week, so there is plenty of extra time available to be used to make money. College tuition is also extremely expensive, and even if your parents are paying the bill, you still need to spend money to pay for other things and enjoy yourself.

A lot of college students end up having a job or working, and one great way to make money online as a college student is to run an online sportsbook and book action for people you know. In college, you are surrounded by fellow students your age, and depending on how big your school is, there could be many thousands of students on campus. This gives you immediate access to thousands of potential clients that would like to bet with you.

In addition, if you are in a frat or other extracurricular activity it gives you access to a close-knit community of potential bettors. Young males between the age of 18 and 23 years old have recently gotten the betting fever, and this specific demographic has exploded and become the fastest-growing group of bettors in the betting world. So being a college student puts you right in the heart of the fastest-growing market in terms of gambling.

Sure students don’t have a ton of disposable income to bet, however, they still can quickly lose hundreds of dollars per week. In addition, these fellow college students will soon graduate and get jobs in the real world, and begin making quality income, especially if you go to a good college. Once a person starts gambling, they tend to gamble for the rest of their life, so these small bettors will eventually turn into larger bettors once they start their careers and progress in their jobs.

Easy and Cheap to Become a Legit Bookie

Not only do you as a college student have the perfect demographic of gamblers at your immediate disposal, but it is super easy to become a bookie in a matter of minutes. There is a whole industry called pay per head that caters to bookies, and they provide a professional sportsbook website, where they manage all the betting odds, and update everything up to the second. They grade all wagers and update all balances up to the second and are open 24/7 managing the site and doing all the work for you.

You as the bookie only need to focus on getting players, which is even easier when you are a college student. All you have to do is just get the word out that you have a sportsbook site available for people to bet on. Once you get players, it’s easy to get referrals from current players and continue to grow your business. Then all you have to do as a bookie is just pay people when they win and collect from people when they lose.  Sure players are going to win sometimes, but in the gambling world, players always lose over the long term and the house always wins.

Become a Bookie in College

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