NBA Betting: LeBron James Tops MVP Odds

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With the NBA season around the corner, fans around the world are remembering what it’s like to talk about professional basketball in October. Among the excitement of the upcoming 2012-13 campaign is the yearly anticipation of who will break out as the league’s Most Valuable Player. Pull up a seat NBA betting fans, the fun has only just begun.

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Leading the list of potential MVP candidates is an obvious choice, defending champion LeBron James. Not only did his Miami Heat win their first ring of the Big Three Era last summer, he steamrolled his way to a third Most Valuable Player award in four seasons. Before fans weigh in on this year’s NBA odds, they’ll have to come to terms with the fair chance that he’ll make it four out of five.

Outside of James, however – who tops the list with 9/5 odds – are a number of intriguing candidates. Kevin Durant, the presumably clear-cut No. 2, trails LBJ with 15/4 odds of his own. With over twice the payout, Durant may get his fair share of action in the sportsbook, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still have to split the offensive load with MVP candidate teammate Russell Westbrook (16/1 odds).

When playing longterm NBA props, be careful to take into consideration intra-squad competition. We all know that Durant naysayers will use Westbrook as a weapon to downplay Durant’s impact on the Oklahoma City Thunder. Sadly, vice versa.

Worth noticing is that, of the top eight candidates on the Bovada MVP odds line, seven hail from either the Heat, Thunder or Los Angeles Lakers. The cluster of talent could very well open the door for a lone warrior from another organization, individuals who won’t have All-Star caliber casts stealing credit.

Pay special attention to players like Deron Williams (25/1). Even Josh Smith (100/1) and Greg Monroe (500/1) should their teams contend for playoff spots. Anything can happen when betting on individual NBA awards, so you might as well prepare for all of them.

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