Learning About the Most Popular Sports in India!

Today, sports have become a very integral part of every society. If society wants to develop their children with their physical health, they must participate in sports activities. Moreover, there are few countries in the world which have more active participation in sports activities than the others. So, India is one such country which has a critical and progressive sports culture.

There are various types of sports played in India, and we are going to present a few of the information about them today. You are going to read down about the most popular sports which the people of India love and you are going to learn about them in detail.

1. Cricket

Cricket is the most loved sport in India and has occupied the big hearts of Indians for years. The board of control of India is considered to be the global leader because of its huge fan following.

Moreover, India is at the top of the whole sports community because it has the highest number of wins in its history. The Indian cricket team comprises legendary players like Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar, ViratKohli and MS Dhoni.

These are the gems of the Indian cricket team, and people love to watch their performance on the field. If you’re willing to gamble on sports betting, cricket would be the best sport for it.

2. Football

The second most popular sport you will find in the hands of the Indians is football. Even though the football team of India is not very significant and does not win a lot of awards , people still love to play football in India.

Moreover, India ranks at the 96th position in the FIFA rankings, and has organized the FIFA under 17 World Cup many times in series. Due to the active participation of the Indians and the government in football, it is recognized as one of the most popular sports in the country.

3. Field hockey

Field hockey is another very prominently played sport in India, and the Indian team has also participated in the Olympics. Along with Pakistan, India was the highly enthusiastic team in the Olympics in field hockey, and it is ranked among the most prosperous countries in the men’s field hockey tournaments.

India has won more than eight gold medals and a few silver and bronze medals in the Olympics. The Indian team also had the title of the championship in the World cup 1975, which was held in Malaysia.

4. Badminton

Badminton is considered to be a sport which is very easy and sophisticated, but when it is played at the international level, it automatically becomes tough. So, Indians also love to play badminton. It is one of the most played sports in India, and the badminton Association of India manages it in the country.

It has given many successful players at the international level of badminton, and SainaNehwal is ranked second in the world in the 2010 world championship.

5. Tennis

Indian players have also shown very active participation and excellent performance in tennis at the international level. A few excellent players from the Indian team, like Sania Mirza and Rohan Bopanna.

These are considered the gems of the Indian badminton Association, and they are still actively participating and representing the Indian team. Apart from them, there are other players as well, and India is considered to be pretty good at the international level of tennis tournaments.

6. Chess

When it comes to the game of sharp-minded people, the top name comes to mind for anyone in chess. It is also very actively playing chess games in India, and India has participated in international level tournaments for the last two decades.

Due to the grandmaster and former world champion Viswanathan Anand, India is considered the best country to learn about chess. Moreover, you will find many other champion players of chess in India, and the India chess Federation is the regulatory body of the sport in India.

7. Motorsports

Motorsports are no less played than any other sport in India, and F1 racing is one of them. India has claimed the title of Champion in the F1 racing tournament many times in a row, and it stood at the first position in 2005. Moreover, the Grand Prix is the championship won by the Indian team in 2011, and therefore, it is one of the best sports Indians love.

8. Wrestling

We can say that aggression has always been a part of the Indian players, and therefore, wrestling is another most watched sport in India. Teenagers as well as youngsters in the country or highly engaged in practicing wrestling and becoming the future champions of wrestling at the world level. Also, WWE participation in the great Khali has several medals at the international level.

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