Infield Softball Positions

There are a lot of beginners who think every infield position is the same which is not the case. Fielding and catching runners are both vital when it comes to field play. Each of these positions have different roles that they play and so many people do not realise this.

Here are some of the positions and their differences.

First Base – Reaction And Promptness

First base is a regular action position just like games. if you are in this position, every runner goes through you. You will either be responsible for marking common tags at base or you’ll be taking fair balls and joining up with the pitcher. The pitcher is responsible for covering your base when you run of it.  In this position, you will have to stay close to your base than any other infield player.

Second Base

Usually, you will be positioned between first and second position. also, you will be named as one of the two Middle infielders. Most hits in softball come near the middle so you will be required to field these hits. This position requires you to make some decisions because it will be up to you to get the ball to third or home.


Shortstop is the hardest infield position, this is because there is a difference in play style and ability unlike casino games online. you will need to be defensive in this position. If the opposing team has a quite a few right-handed pull hitters or left-handed push hitters, the shortstop will be handling the ball more than usual. There is a lot of work involved when it comes to this position so you need to be ready for it.

Third Base

This is the last line of defence in a game. no=t many balls come to you when you are in this position. the second or shortstop position receives most balls. when the ball does get to this position, there will be strong action hence it has gained its name as the hot corner.