How To Watch Football Live Streams For Free in 2023

Watching football is really exciting and you don’t even have to be a real football fan for that. There are plenty of sports streaming sites over there and unfortunately, most of them aren’t free or truly affordable. If you want to enjoy football live streams for free or at least cheaper than usual, follow the tips below. They will save some of your money and bring you unforgettable user experiences.

Use other servers to watch more streams

It’s not a secret that some platforms are available for USA users only, others for Canadian, and some of those can be watched only in Western Europe, for example. If you want to see a football game out of those locations, you need to pay. Not always though. Instead, you can Download VeePN VPN for TV and enjoy any football streaming for free. VeePN will change your IP address and open your access to all blocked content. Thanks to a VPN app, the operator will think you are one of the users living in the desired location and give you access automatically. 

Of course, not any extension is good as a VPN for fire TV. You need to check VeePN review and see whether other users had success and how it works. Unfortunately, not every VPN extension works this way, so be careful with your choice if you want to save money and watch your games for free. You do not simply access any site but also protect your privacy this way. 

Top free live football streaming platforms 2023

Below, you will find the best live platforms to watch your favorite football games for free. Remember that if, due to your location, you cannot access some of them, use a VPN for fire TV and do it absolutely easily. You will be able to access any site or streaming platform you wish as a user from the required location. 

   1. Social442 TV

If you still didn’t check this platform, you definitely should. It is one of the best live-streaming platforms, as well as social media for football fans. Watch any match for free live. Premier League, La Liga, A Series, Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, MLS, and other leagues are available here. You can truly enjoy the best of the best games on this amazing platform. 

   2. Stream2Watch

One of the greatest platforms where you can watch your favorites daily is called Stream2Watch. It is probably one of the most reliable platforms over there. However, you will have to watch ads from time to time. On this platform, you will find live streams gathered from various websites. 

   3. Hotstar

You will definitely get an unbelievable football-watching experience with this truly reliable platform. It has a very simple interface and you will have no problem navigating it. Choose from a wide range of games and streams. If you cannot access it, just use a VPN extension for your TV or laptop if you are going to watch the game on the go. 

This platform can be both free and paid. You can get a subscription to access premier features and games. However, USA users have more perks than those from other countries. It is recommended to switch to the US server and access all of those, too.


This is probably one of the best football streaming websites you should ever use. It is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. They broadcast all possible football games for the pickiest viewers. Simply click the link to the desired game and see a new window where you can see the selected match quickly and easily. 

   5. Sporticos

No matter where you are right now, you can watch the game for fans from all over the world on this free streaming platform. All the links to matches are trustworthy and you can click them to see the matches from all possible competitions. It is available in multiple languages. Apart from English, you can use it in Spanish, French, German, and even Polish. 

The platform can be accessed from your desktop computer or even phone. They also broadcast elite football with the top players from the largest leagues. On this streaming source, you will be able to find the latest news and updates on the football TV, matches, transfers, etc. Whatever you might be interested in, can be found right here.

   6. Batman Stream

It is often a problem to watch a game on your phone. For that purpose, there are live streaming apps so that you could watch any match on the go or during your trip. Batman Stream is one of them. It is one of the best streaming sites that offer premium features. If it is not available in your area, choose another server with a VPN extension. It should be available in many countries though. The Premier League will be available to you in just one click. 

If you still do not know how to watch football for free and keep paying your streaming providers, use the tips above and make sure to enjoy your favorite games without any payments.