How to Watch Dota 2 Esports: A Brief Guide for Beginners

Dota 2 is a fast-paced video game that combines dynamic gameplay and strategic thinking. If you are about to take your love for Dota 2 to a new level, you should try your skills in betting. It is a great way to have fun and make a profit.

As a beginner, you may need some assistance. Below, you will find a brief guide that aims to make your betting experience easier.

Where to Watch Dota 2?

To start your Dota 2 adventure, you need to find suitable resources first. Make sure you know where you can follow the esports events by watching livestreams and placing bets.


Esports tournaments don’t happen around the clock. But the esports program for each video game is made up in advance. If you don’t want to miss anything, you should join one of the bookmakers like


If you want to watch Dota 2 right now, you need a good streamer to rely on. For example, Twitch is a popular interactive livestreaming service for esports. You won’t go wrong choosing a streamer with the most viewers since it usually means proficiency at Dota 2.

The Major Characters

In Dota 2, there are around 120 heroes of different shapes and sizes. A dragon and ogre with two heads, an old man, and many other heroes are available for players. Interestingly, every game involves not more than 10 heroes.

Each hero has three standard skills and one ultimate. They don’t get their skills all at once. Instead, they pick their skills as they gain experience in the game. The ultimate skills become available for players after reaching a particular level of the game.


Most sports leagues offer a preseason draft to let teams select players to join their teams. The same approach was used in Dota 2. Teams aren’t drafting players. Instead, they are drafting heroes. Many video games use a mode known as Captain’s Mode. It allows teams to take turns to ban and select heroes.

Elements of the Game

Dota 2 allows the players to choose a lineup that will give them a chance of winning. What’s next?

Radiant and Dire

Dota 2 features an asymmetrical map with small differences hiding here and there. The map consists of two sides: Radiant is bright and cheery, while Dire is dark and gloomy. They are separated by the river that goes through most of the map.

The game has no time limit or set rounds in Dota 2. Each game may last from 15 minutes to one hour. An average match takes about 40 minutes.


At the beginning of the game, the heroes will start splitting up and moving to three different locations: top, middle, and bottom. While little skirmishes are possible, the game officially starts with the sound of a horn that announces the arrival of creeps.

Creeps are the so-called minions that crawl along each lane in Dota 2. They’re negative characters that will attack anyone in sight. Players can collect their experience and gold by killing the creeps.


Each lane consists of three towers. The closer they are to the enemy’s base, the stronger they get. They serve as obstacles to prevent a team from rushing in and conquering the Ancient. Taking down these structures guarantees a lot of gold, which makes it a part of any good team’s objectives.

Kills and deaths

Death doesn’t take the game to the end. Players have to stay respawn throughout the game. However, each death has its price. Kills provide a gold reward that exceeds a single creep.  Taking an enemy out of commission also stops them to function in the game for a while. It’s the fastest way to enjoy some benefits.

An unusual mechanic to Dota 2 is the ability to buyback. Players can put the gold from their personal pool at stake. It’s a powerful skill that has a strict time limit. And it comes with a set of risky caveats.


Perhaps the major timing of all is the Roshan. It happens to be a powerful neutral creep that is located in its own pit in the river. It offers one of the mightiest buffs in the game – an Aegis of the Immortal that brings you back to life. An intensive Dota 2 match will create some incredible moments around the pit.

How to Use This Knowledge in Dota 2 Betting?

Now that you have a general understanding of Dota 2, you can start the game. Then, you can move into the betting sector. Having a lot of opportunities in your hands, you will achieve the desired success in no time.