How to Bet on Basketball? Tips and Pitfalls to Avoid

Are you wondering where and how to bet on basketball and how to place your bets on the NBA? Bookmakers offer betting on major competitions, but not all of them are worth placing a bet on!

NBA: the essential

Betting on the NBA is obvious: it is the major competition in current basketball. In addition, by carefully studying the calendar, it is possible to get good deals there.

Regular season: caution…

Placing a bet on basketball during the NBA regular season is very risky: in fact, players play no less than 82 games in 6 and a half months. As a result, it frequently happens that teams have to play 2 evenings in a row (the famous “back to back ”).

The form and physique of the players are strongly affected, and the coaches do not hesitate to rotate their squad, since losing a match is not dramatic: the ranking at the end of the season is simply used to determine the order for the playoffs, it is therefore not very risky to skip certain matches.

This makes NBA betting difficult, but gives the opportunity to make some great deals: think Value Bet! If you know that a Favorite team risks resting certain senior players, bet on its opposing team and pocket a nice sum.

NBA Playoffs

There, the serious things begin: the playoffs constitute the final tournament of the basketball season. 16 teams are qualified, each of them must win against their opponent in the best of 7 matches (the first team to reach 4 matches won wins the duel).

So, even if we can qualify by losing a match, the players are much more concentrated than during the regular season: winning 4-0 rather than 4-3 allows the organizations to rest before the next round, so no one wants to don’t let go of anything.

The Favorite teams are therefore often in the spotlight in this type of confrontation: as a result, their odds are very low, and betting involves little risk but pays almost nothing.

One tactic is to bet directly on the winner from the start of the playoffs : this way, its odds will be significantly higher, even if the team in question is heavily favored for each of its meetings.

Betting on the NBA: consider watching the games live

Most sites with Live TV broadcast the NBA live. This is the case, for example, of Betano, Bet365 or1xBet. This function is accessible on mobile and computer.

The broadcast of the matches is completely free. However, you must meet a few conditions to have access to the video. Requirements vary by site. Generally, you will be asked to have a positive balance or to have placed a bet in the last 24 or 48 hours.

Some bookmakers allow you to follow several matches at the same time on the same screen. Not only will you be able to watch up to 9 matches simultaneously, but you will also have access to the evolution of the odds.

The most interesting NBA bets

Here are the most interesting types of predictions to place on US basketball:


Undoubtedly the easiest to make. In the NBA almost all games result in more than 200 points. Once this has been confirmed, all you have to do is find the point range in which the total will be included: 210, 220… Know that if you find the right one, you will win at least 3 times your stake.

Final Result

Final result is for basketball predictions 1×2. You will therefore have to find who will win 1 (home) or 2 (away). It’s a relatively easy bet to win. You still must place it at the right time, because with the sequence of matches, even the best franchises give up at some point in the season.

Number of points/rebounds/assists recorded per player.

Some players (Harden for example) are exemplary in consistency. Take advantage of this by trying to guess how many specific actions they will do per match. Please note, not all sites offer this type of prediction.

Point spread.

In the NBA, differences of more than 20 points in a game are relatively rare. Take advantage of this statistic by trying a bet of this type on a match where the two teams are of equivalent level. There is a good chance that you will win it.

For beginner bettors or those betting on the NBA for the first time, the “Money Line” bet is the simple bet offered by sports betting sites. This involves betting on the outcome of a single match.

Betting on the NBA: tips and tricks

It is important to know the specifics of each team before starting to place your NBA bets. This can be very useful for making significant gains. For example, the Nuggets team plays in Denver, Colorado: this city is located at an altitude of over 1,600 meters (hence its nickname Mile-High City ). Opposing players, who arrive the day before or the same day of the match, do not have time to get their bodies used to the altitude and the reduction in oxygen levels. Thus, the Denver Nuggets often win their home games, even against supposedly stronger opponents.

Regarding home matches, be careful when you browse the Betclic site: if you are used to American basketball sites, in particular that of the NBA, you know that the match sheets in the USA first indicate the team playing away , then the team hosting the match. However, it is the opposite on French betting sites , including the team playing at home is cited first. So be careful before placing your NBA bets, when you know the importance for a team to play in front of its audience, it’s worth checking!

Betting on Pro A: not easy

Betting on the French basketball championship seems a good idea: it is easier to obtain information or tips there than for matches abroad.

However, Pro A matches are often very close, and there are many surprises: for example, the presumed advantage of teams playing at home is very rarely respected.

In addition, the very homogeneous level of the different teams makes the slightest bet very risky: unless you are a real connoisseur, we do not recommend betting on basketball on the Pro A.

Olympics or world championships: stay away!

The ultimate trap. Indeed, the best players from national teams generally play in the NBA. However, teams are often reluctant to release their players for international competitions: they fear losing their best players to injury.

Thus, certain nations are sometimes deprived of their best elements, which completely distorts their chances of victory: imagine France without Tony Parker, Germany without Dirk Nowitzki or Spain without the Gasol brothers…

Betting on basketball – FAQ

What types of bets can you make on basketball?

There are many types of bets that can be made on basketball, such as bets on the winner of a match or season, bets on the final score, bets on the winner of a quarter-time or half-time, bets on the players who will score the most points, etc.

How can I find the best basketball betting odds?

There are many sites and apps that offer basketball betting odds. It is important to compare them to find the best odds. It’s also helpful to follow basketball news and trends to get a better idea of ​​possible outcomes.

What are the most popular basketball leagues for betting?

The most popular basketball leagues for betting are the NBA in the United States, the European Basketball League (EuroLeague) in Europe, and Liga ACB in Spain.

Can I bet online on basketball?

Yes, it is possible to bet on basketball on all sports betting sites authorized in France.

Can you bet on international basketball events like the Olympics or the World Championships?

Yes, it is possible to bet on international basketball events such as the Olympic Games or the World Championships, however this depends on local laws. It is important to check the laws before betting on international events.