How Much Knowledge Do You Need to Bet on eSports Like CS:GO?

The eSports industry is booming. According to current estimates, the shine of this market segment grossed about 694.2 million USD in 2017! This industry since then has been skyrocketing at 18.61% and is expected to grow to 2714.8 million USD.

If you’re someone who follows eSports religiously but is shaky about whether you have the knowledge it takes to bet on it, you’ve come to the right place. Today we will discuss how much knowledge it takes to place successful bets on eSports such as CSGO, League of Legends, or DOTA 2.

The Foundation

Before you bet on any sports, you must have foundational knowledge. But what is foundational knowledge? It simply refers to expertise in the following areas:

  • What – What sport is it? How is it played? What are the rules of the game? Does the game involve individual players or teams?
  • Structure – What is the structure of the game? Is the game played in leagues? How do the leagues advance?
  • System of Winning – Does the game bring an abstract winning system which depends on judging perspectives? Or does it involve a cut-and-dry point system?
  • Rules – What kind of rules does the game have? (Ex: CS:GO is played with both teams getting chances to be terrorists and counter-terrorists).

Foundational knowledge is essential for betting successfully when it comes to eSports. Knowing what game, the structure of the same, the scoring system, and the rules can help you identify the correct predictors to read. For instance, in a judge-based scoring system, the emphasis lies both on the capacity of players to impress and the judges’ perspective toward the player.

Once you have foundational knowledge, you can start placing bets. However, we strongly recommend not investing too much money. With this knowledge level, a lot is left up to chance.

Finer Details

When you learn the finer details of a sport, betting automatically seems easier. When we refer to finer details, we are talking about elements like:

  • The Player or Team Characteristic – The player or team characteristic gives you an idea of how their performance can be. You learn to identify indicators like: Does the team perform well under stress? / Does the team have a winning streak when they win a few games early? / Is the team an underdog that specializes in comebacks?
  • Game Progression – The elements that affect how a team progresses in a game is called game progression. For example, in CS:GO, if a team wins a certain number of rounds, they can progress to the next level. However, different leagues have different rules. To make the game fair, the total accumulated points at a stage often indicate which team progresses to the next round instead of wins or losses.
  • Details of a Game – The components of a game like CS:GO would be elements like the game metrics, weapons available, and maps available. These are important as individual players often perform better with a specific type of weapon. Similarly, a team may be experts in a particular map and amateurs at another, depending on how well-versed they are with it.

Once you’ve progressed in this knowledge bracket, placing moderately higher bets is recommended. You can start betting on elements like league progressions, win streaks, etc. Noticing the form of a team or player in combination with the league rules and game details can assure you turn profits on your bets. However, if you want to make the most significant gains, the next level is for you.

Predictive Knowledge

People who can predict the outcome of a league or a game before the game begins can turn the most considerable profits. With this knowledge, taking opportunities to win large sums by wagering is a realistic option.

Unlike the other two types of knowledge levels, this one doesn’t have any clear-cut indicators. However, this level can only be achieved through experience and enhancing your understanding of the previous knowledge levels. The deeper you dive, the better you’ll be able to predict what may and may not happen.

Thus, before placing larger wagers, we recommend you build your skills and knowledge in the game you want to wager on. Train your knowledge and intuition to make predictions at ground level. Once you have a consistent winning streak, you can slowly start up-scaling to win more enormous rewards by taking on more risks.

In a Nutshell

Placing wagers on eSports requires you to dedicate time to building your knowledge in it. That’s why we suggest an informed approach and gathering as much information as possible before placing a wager. You can also take help from the best betting sites that assist players with live trackers, predictions, and odds, to build your knowledge of the sport you want to bet on. Be safe and win big in the booming industry of eSports!