Football Starts this Weekend: Are You Prepared?

College football kickoff weekend starts now, are you ready? It is truly hard to believe how fast this past offseason has flown by, but it’s gone and the 2018 starts on Thursday with one Top 25 game, (#21 UCF @ UConn) and a whole host of other games that include NEW Mexico State @ Minnesota, Northwestern @ Purdue, Missouri State @ Oklahoma State, Weber State @ Utah, Northwestern State @ Texas A & M, and a few others scattered across the board.

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That’s just the Thursday lineup! Then we have 8 more games on Friday evening, then another 64 games on Saturday, one on Sunday and one on Monday! But that’s not all; the NFL kicks of the 4th week of preseason with a full lineup and if that goes at all like it has been going, then these games will be fantastic. We are entering the best time of the year for sports gamblers. Now is the time to get a sportsbook and to make sure you are tuned up and ready to play this season.

It’s good to change the oil every once in a while, you should do it every 3,00 miles and if you don’t it could lead to problems. The same goes for the football offseason. We tend to forget about football for a while and forget about what it was that made us successful or maybe unfortunately, not so successful. There is one plan of action that should be taken right now before you get started this weekend; find a top shelf sportsbook. Find a couple of them and get the money in quick!

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Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! We are not telling you to ditch a great sportsbook. If you have one or six of them and they are treating you great, then by all means, hang onto the ones that you love. What we are telling you is to make sure that you are happy and prepare yourself to win money and be successful this year. There is a lot at stake when betting on football and you do this thing called gambling for one real reason; Money! You want to win money and what sportsbooks you choose this season can make or break your bottom line.

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A checklist: Remember, you are changing your oil, so you probably know the drill. Every time you take your rig in to get a simple oil change for $29.95, they come back to you in the waiting are about 30 minutes later with a list of problems. They want you to fix those problems so that the $29.95 bill will now look like $229.95! The good news about tuning it up for the football season; this will cost you nothing. This is a friendly checkup and you should ask yourself if these questions or suggestions apply to you.

  1. Were you 100% happy with the sportsbooks that you did business with last season? If not have you started shopping the internet for new ones and what have you come up with?
  2. Find a sportsbook that has a beyond stellar reputation for payouts. The last thing that you want or need to deal with is a bookie that won’t pay when you bet them. Know what you are getting into now and it will save you much grief down the road.
  3. Find sportsbooks that offer competitive lines and odds. Find sportsbooks that sharp players use. Do some comparison shopping. You want sharp lines for the simple fact that a penny saved is a penny earned and if you play several games per weekend, the juice will really add up.
  4. Find sportsbooks that offer the best customer service in the industry. How has yours stacked up? Do they make the grad, are you happy? Your sportsbooks should be accessible and easy to work with. They should absolutely have a toll free number that is accessible from within the United Sates. If you are unsure of a bookie before making the initial deposit, call them, talk to hem and find out more. Do they speak English and are they friendly?
  5. Bonuses and contests. Do they offer them and if so are they worth your time and money? Find out. Call them and ask.

Do not hesitate to ask a top sportsbooks all of the questions that you have always wanted to ask but never have. This is your money and you work hard for it. Don’t throw it away on a bad bookmaker. Make this football season a winner and bring it home. There is absolutely no reason to deal with a bookie that is unfriendly, that won’t work with you and that doesn’t want to pay you. There are tons of fantastic online sports books that are fair and honest and well worth your time.