Five reasons why gamers prefer to play in casinos with PayPal on mobile

Mobile games and especially online casino games with the PayPal payment method are becoming increasingly popular. Although the smartphone has offered action, excitement and adventure to game lovers for several years now, the start of mobile gaming has been rather uneven.

However, this could not be due to the range of offerings, as you can play for free on your smartphone or tablet, from sports games to shooters and even slot machines at online casinos with PayPal. For some time now, the gaming industry can state a steady growth of the market.

Conversely, this means that more and more players prefer to play on a mobile device at a PayPal casino rather than on a PC or console. No, neither PCs nor consoles have outlived their usefulness. The trend away from gaming on these devices to smartphones or tablets has deeper reasons than a simple dislike for one device or another. We’ve compiled five of the most important benefits of mobile gaming and online casino gaming with PayPal, and who knows, maybe you’ll find a reason or two among them that will convince you of the benefits of gaming on mobile devices.

1. Advancing technology

Games on the first smartphones that appeared were more like games on retro Nintendo consoles. Especially in terms of graphics quality, PCs and consoles were in a league of their own. And the online casino with PayPal did not appear in a mobile version at all long ago. Also, network expansion was still in its infancy, and EDGE was more the standard and 3G the exception.

Games on modern, much more powerful smartphones have so much more to offer. They are even so advanced that the term “gaming smartphone” has entered gaming parlance. Android smartphone tests have shown that not big manufacturers like Samsung, but smaller smartphone manufacturers have adapted to these buyers. And today, more and more PayPal online casino providers are offering players quality mobile versions of their favorite gambling games.  

At the same time, much has happened in the expansion of networks, and LTE is becoming more and more standard, even in rural areas. The best conditions for ultra-fast mobile gaming and mobile casino games with PayPal.

2. More and more mobile versions of famous classic games in online casinos PayPal 

Many successful games used to be playable only on consoles or PCs. In this case, players had no choice but to play on these devices. Nowadays, however, the situation has drastically changed. Many games, such as Call of Duty or Need for Speed, are now available on Android and Apple stores. As well as the famous online casinos with PayPal payment method now offer to enjoy gambling wherever you are just by using your smartphone. With the increase in the number of popular games, the gaming behavior of customers has changed dramatically. Nowadays, mobile games on a high-resolution monitor are more popular than ever.

3. The price

Every gamer knows the prices of their games inside and out. Brand new games are expensive, regardless of device. Mobile versions, on the other hand, are much cheaper and in some cases even free, at least to a limited extent. The same applies, of course, to the smartphone or tablet itself. Compared to a console with a TV or a gaming PC, the costs here are only a fraction. As for the online casino PayPal, it is much more profitable and easier to play on a mobile than, for example, to go to a regular casino. And mobile versions often offer better bonuses than the games on a regular PC.

4. Mobility

Everything is very clear here. Probably the most obvious reason to prefer a smartphone to a computer is location-independent. With it, you can play wherever you are. Waiting time for an exciting game becomes as trivial as taking the bus to work. While a computer needs cables and electricity, a tablet can be conveniently taken with you on vacation in a backpack and, for example, bet at your favorite online casino with PayPal. Try taking your computer to the beach or the pool – it’s unreal. Here the advantage of a smartphone or tablet is very obvious!

5. User-friendliness

Today’s smartphones are extremely powerful devices. One of the biggest advantages of these devices is the multifunctional displays. This advantage comes to the fore, especially when you’re playing games or spinning roulette at a PayPal casino online. Whereas with a keyboard you have to find and press cumbersome key combinations, and with a console controller you break your fingers, with a smartphone all you have to do is swipe your finger across the screen. Some games can only be controlled by tilting or moving left and right. All of this makes games easier and more convenient.

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Benefits of PayPal casinos

Since many online casinos for players now work with the payment service provider PayPal and interest in them is very high, we offer you here as well to consider in detail all the advantages of PayPal-casinos.

Anonymous and secure

As with many online stores that work with PayPal, you also have the option of depositing your money with PayPal сasino, completely anonymously and, above all, securely. Your deposit is always handled confidentially and without interference from third parties at the providers we offer. PayPal сasino only knows your PayPal email address, but this does not give any information about your account number, credit card, or other transactions made in your PayPal account. If you have available funds in your PayPal account, your bank or bank teller won’t see where or what you’ve deposited in the account. In addition, there is no indication on your account statement, and the transaction cannot be traced back to outsiders. This is also your advantage: Absolute anonymity. Your data is treated with the same priority and level of security as any other PayPal transaction, and remains your property. Another great benefit is PayPal’s buyer protection, which always kicks in when something goes wrong. If an amount may have been allocated or debited incorrectly, PayPal can fix it at any time, and you don’t have to wait days or weeks for your money. So by using PayPal сasino, you can save yourself the hassle of calling the bank.

Immediate deposit

Every deposit you make at PayPal casinos is processed and executed instantly. With near real-time booking speeds, PayPal casinos guarantee you a fast and smooth transaction with no further delays, allowing you to directly engage in the casino game of your choice without having to wait for hours for your deposit to be confirmed. Additionally, the annoying fumbling for TAN or PIN numbers is eliminated and you can save money at PayPal online casinos, providing a significant advantage over other payment providers.

Deposit in a few steps

It only takes two clicks to deposit at any PayPal casino. Another big advantage, as we believe, because you can not deposit faster and at the same time safer! After registering at a PayPal casino, you should make a deposit there as soon as your PayPal account is verified. Your advantage: None of the PayPal casino providers will ask you for your account number (IBAN) or your bank code (BIC). You also don’t need to enter your credit card number when making a deposit via PayPal. These data are already stored in your PayPal account and are under lock and key. Only the addition of your email address, which you also use for PayPal, is requested. In case of a deposit, you choose the desired payment amount at the casino cashier and click on the “Pay with PayPal” button. You will now be automatically redirected to PayPal via the “https” security protocol. Here you can also double-check your PayPal online casino withdrawal amount. Finally, you will be prompted to enter your PayPal security password. Only after you have entered these details completely, the transaction is completed and your online PayPal deposit is credited to your PayPal casino account. As you probably already noticed: It takes only two clicks to successfully deposit into your PayPal casino account, but at the same time maximum security for you and your deposit amount at all times. And that’s anytime, anywhere.

Verified by TUV

PayPal payment service has been thoroughly checked by TUV, passed one of the multi-stage testing procedures and confirmed as a secure payment method. As such, PayPal meets all the strict conditions and requirements that TUV puts forward for a secure online payment system and quarterly, unannounced random checks are again carried out on a rotating basis. Your bank details or credit card number are securely stored at PayPal casinos and perfectly protected from outsiders thanks to the SSL protocol and 128-bit key. This makes PayPal casinos the “Fort Knox” among online gambling halls: Your deposits are always secure and only accessible to you. TUV also particularly praised the compliance with all security-related criteria in this context: The customer only enters his data once with the PayPal service provider and then pays out via it using a login with very high encryption technology.

Freedom with the deposit amount

Another huge advantage is also that PayPal debits your online casino deposit by direct debit from your account and thus does not set a fixed limit. Not only are you completely autonomous compared to conventional transfers, you are also free to decide how much and how often you want to deposit at any time, without having to adhere to your financial institution’s transfer limit. Adding a VISA or MasterCard credit card is also absolutely no problem with PayPal. So if you want to use not only your bank account but also your credit card for PayPal casinos, you can specify this precisely for each individual transaction. Also here you are not tied to your bank’s payment methods and debit periods, so you can register via PayPal directly at the casino – it’s up to you. Your advantage: You have credit available at any time to play a round at the PayPal online casino of your choice.