Expect Sports Betting to Deliver the Goods In the US

While sports betting has been a staple of the overall gambling market across most of the world for quite some time, up until recently it has proven a near impossibility Stateside.

Regulation has prevented the market from growing further than a handful of states but the shackles are now off, with a growing number of regions being offered the chance to join in the fun.

To say that sports betting is a massive worldwide industry would be something of an understatement, conservative estimates believe the international market is worth as much as $250 billion a year, that’s BILLION.

Sports betting is a common pastime in Europe, especially the UK, and now markets in Asia are driving the value of the market sky-high.

After a historic ruling in 2018, that market has been opened in the US and what was now only possible in one or two states, is now legal in more than ten.

The scope of online sports betting in these ten states varies but legal activity is now permitted in the following; New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Nevada, Iowa, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Mississippi, Oregon, Illinois and Tennessee. More detailed information regarding what’s allowed where we’d recommend visiting sportsbettingnerds.com .

The level of betting in these states has risen month on month over the past 18 months with Nevada and New Jersey still making up the biggest share of revenue.

The key to a successful sports betting market, as well as of course interest in the sports themselves, is of course the knowledge that those providers offering US sports betting are safe, secure and trustworthy.

Currently there are many strong sites with solid reputations and of course the more used to the market customers become, the better the range of companies with which to sign up with. It’s very much a case of supply meeting the likely demand.

The rest of the world is already actively gambling on American sports so it’s only fair that the locals get to do likewise.

Interest will of course chiefly revolve around the showpiece tournaments and finales of the big US sports with the likes of the Superbowl, World Series, NBA FInals and the Stanley Cup taking the lion’s share of the revenue placed on events over the sporting calendar.

However you can expect worldwide spectacles like soccer’s Premier League, Champions League and Spain’s La Liga to attract a great deal of interest, driven in part by the English speaking market and those in the US with an interest in Latin related event.

With one fifth of the United States now enjoying the sports betting market it’s a safe bet that deregulation will occur in a wider market and within a short space of time placing an online sports bet should prove a very common occurrence that offers an added incentive to a watching public, looking to make a win for their favorite sports team, all the more sweeter.

But remember. Always gamble responsibly and make sure to do as much research as possible on the provider you place your bets with. Make your winning bet, a safe bet.