European Bookies are Different From American Ones

Historically, there have been many and important differences between European bookies and American bookies. One of the biggest, most obvious ones, has been the markets offered, with soccer being King in Europe and many other parts of the world, while American sports are top, of course, in American sportsbooks; such as NFL, MLB and NBA.

Recently, things have been evolving and changing quite a bit, and European and American offers have “standardized” quite a bit, knowing that players are looking to bet on many different events day after day. Bookies need to be prepared to offer sharp lines and diversified markets to their players, and this goes both ways. European sportsbooks need to be ready to offer American sports, while American books must be prepared to offer, not only all soccer leagues available, but also different things like Rugby, Tennis, Cricket, and even beyond, online casino games, race tracks in United Kingdom, Australia and many more. Why? Because, as we said, people are looking for them; information is more and more accessible as days go by, people are accessing these events right from their smartphone at any given time and they want to be able to play whatever they want, whenever they feel like it.

The biggest difference between European sportsbooks and American sportsbooks

Sports betting is a culture in Europe, it’s out there in the open, nobody tries, or has, to hide it. While this is great for players, and it is a good thing for sportsbooks to work legally and be regulated, it has also become difficult in other ways. The best example of this is with Licensing, because many countries have their own licenses and sportsbooks need to apply to each and every one of them to be able to operate. This means that, at any given time, players might find themselves unable to bet on something, due to country restrictions or even sponsorship restrictions.

American sportsbooks, on the other hand, still unregulated, can offer their services for any league and any country. Players will always have the chance to bet what they want, when they want.

Other, smaller, differences can be, for example, odds formats, being decimal lines, the ones Europeans use, 1.81, while Americans use the regular American line, -110 and now even Asian Lines to make it more complete. There are differences in the way books show the lines, payment options, streaming capability and things like that.

The most important thing here is that, with Price per Head, you have the ability to set up your operation just the way you want it and need it; in fact, you can even customize the system by player, so that, when he logs in, he can see the platform in the way that best adapts to his idea. PPH offers some of the sharpest and most experienced line movers in the industry, so that you can be sure your players are being offered the widest variety of lines and markets possible, and that, whatever they’re looking for, they’ll find it easily and be able to place their bets.

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