Emerging Business Trends in the Casino Industry

When one makes a 7Slots giriş, one gets that the platform is always at the forefront of new technology. As such, there is always something new to see whenever a new tech is available. The result is an emerging business trend, fueled by both business requirements and people’s expectations. In this article, let us talk about the newest business shifts happening in the casino world.

1. Digital Transformation of Gambling

More companies are opening their online doors to iGaming. Even land-based casinos now have online gambling sites. In addition, they ensure that their online gambling facilities are accessible on mobile so they can serve the market better.

Even the biggest land-based casinos in Europe that operate physically now have sites that facilitate online gambling for people who cannot or would not go to their land-based sites.

Why are they doing it? This emerging trend is a business necessity. It is far more sustainable financially to operate an online casino than a land-based one. In addition, more people would rather play online, on a train, or on their phone, than in land-based facilities.

In addition to the digital transformation emerging as a trend is AR and VR (aka augmented and virtual reality). Between these two, the former is getting more attention because the devices that facilitate VR games are already in the market.

Virtual reality entails that the user wears a VR headset. In these casino games, the person “sees” themselves inside the virtual reality world, and they are free to walk around and find games. One can interact with objects, such as slot machines, and also interact with 3D game dealers inside the game.

In time, there will be a focus on augmented reality, where the player can mix his real world into the game. How casinos will do this is still currently being worked out.

2. Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Many casinos are now using AI to do their data analytics, and they do this for several reasons. One of the priorities is to ensure that the user gets a personalized experience, similar to what a user experiences on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Here are some of the ways casinos use AI:

  • Predictive Analytics – the AI will know the gaming habits and preferences of a player. The casino can then make recommendations that would encourage the player to spend more.
  • Fraud Detection – the AI can analyze if the person attempting to create an account or deposit money is a real and legitimate person or a robot/ The system can halt the transaction right away, preventing financial damage to unsuspecting victims.
  • Operational Efficiency – AI can optimize the operations of online e-casinos by assigning players to the same servers based on consumption or demand. It can also predict peak times, making it possible to allocate resources efficiently and effectively.

Some casinos may move towards AI face recognition, but this may not fly. Many gamblers do not want to show tier faces nor share their private info at this level. However, it is possible, and it may become standard sooner than we assume.

3. Cryptocurrency in Transactions

As of now, only a few casinos accept cryptocurrency. Although we are seeing more and more of them it is still an emerging trend in the casino industry.

The two most commonly used cryptocurrency coins are: 

  • Bitcoin,
  • Ethereum,

How come casinos are doing this? Well, many banks and credit card companies are cracking down on the use of cash and credit because people’s funds get depleted, or they cannot pay what they deposited to the casino accounts via their credit cards.

Another reason gaming sites use cryptocurrency is the transaction cost. They pay less in transaction fees than they do in traditional banking. It is also easier to process payments for cross-border transactions because cryptocurrency is not regulated by any bank.

Some casinos can also opt to create their own coins. These coins are what we call ICO or initial coin offerings. They want to do this to ensure that they are in control of the coin supply chain. In addition, the people buying the coins will not have options to use the coin but only in that specific casino.

4. Becoming More Social

In the past, casino gaming was taboo, and many people did not want to be associated with it, nor did they take pride in it. Today, it has become more social.

Here are the ways casinos are working on the aspect of social casino gaming:

  • Social Media Integration – many gambling businesses now have social media in their programming, albeit not the common ones that frown on gambling.
  • Chat with Dealers and Players – you can now chat with other players and dealers, particularly in live dealer casinos.
  • Forums – there are websites dedicated to providing players a place to give advice. These forum sites allow players to ask questions about their issues or for tips and tricks.
  • Tournaments – there are many tournaments in slots where people can participate and share the prize pool.

Many casinos are now gearing towards a more socially conducive site. Some of them even make it a point to have programs where players get incentivized by referring their friends to play on the same casino site. Also, some iGaming sites use social challenges to drive user interaction. They offer badges, social gaming, recognition, etc. In time, this emerging trend will become a standard.

Final Thoughts

Overall, many companies in the casino industry are shifting g their focus to digital transformation projects and virtual games that can provide better entertainment to their users. It is also becoming a standard to use artificial intelligence to help in data analytics and personalization.

In the future, we can probably see more developments in the AR or augmented reality space. VR devices will be more accessible, and we can probably say that online casinos will be much more social than they are today.