Development of Mobile Gaming

The development of the gaming industry had humble beginnings, but this enterprise slowly evolved in one of the biggest and most profitable entrepreneurial businesses in history. Those guys who invented the internet probably never dreamed about the potential regarding this online entertainment industry. When developers made their first baby steps in this area, there was no social media, no mobile devices, and no online payment or cryptocurrencies. If we could teleport somebody from 1989 to 2020, they would probably think that they have arrived on some other planet. The mobile gaming industry today is a multi-billion dollar business that keeps evolving thus making our life more fun and entertaining.

We just love to play some games

Before we had angry birds, we witnessed Pacman and Tetris, which kept us preoccupied. This was even before those first mobile devices went mainstream, but some people took notice that this might be the beginning of something new. We are talking about the age of arcade gaming, and these titles are available in mobile versions today, which is only a testament to their popularity. The winning formula was recognized, the seductive nature regarding these virtual games and their graphics which kept evolving over time. The world was just waiting for android and ios phones to emerge so some real fun could begin.

When smartphones hit those streets, the two-dimensional free games were slowly replaced by more advanced titles so this new market was created overnight. As phones became more powerful, the games became more colorful too, with better graphics and more immersive gameplay. With the emergence of touch-screen tablets, our gaming experience took some new turns and become more interactive than ever. We can play 3D games, massive multiplayer titles, or chase animated creatures in a virtual reality that blurs that line between our world and the gaming world. It all started with an acknowledgment that we love to play and that gaming of any kind is embedded inside our DNK.

Today’s gaming market

We do not just enjoy titles like Pokemon GO, but we also love any title that brings a certain amount of risk and excitement into our lives. We love gambling so it was just a matter of time when online casino games will hit this market. Every app store is full of mobile gambling applications that bring us hundreds of different titles that are just a few clicks away. One can find reliable reviews of these apps and the best online casinos in places like SchweizerCasinoClub, or some other reliable forums that deal with online gambling. If a game is schweiz it means it is definitely worth trying.

Even those massive multiplayer adventure titles have some element of gambling inside them, as they developed a whole in-game economy that relies on real-time and real money transactions. We are taking this industry to some next level by merging all those things that players love and enjoy. We are talking about some thrill regarding beautifully crafted video games combined with some adrenaline rush of the online gambling world. We are talking about action and wonderful design plus gameplay that transports you to another dimension. With top-notch mobile devices in your hands, this can turn to be an ecstatic experience that enriches our everyday lives.

The future of mobile gaming

Whether you are a casual gamer or the one that loves fantasy titles, there is a title made for everyone, as this market became so diversified and highly competitive. For those strategy lovers, we got plenty of strategy games, plus those who like role-playing will enjoy new mobile RPGs that keep getting better every day. When we remember those first titles that came out, it brings some nostalgia for good old times, but we are still amazed by the progress made in those last two decades in this field of mobile gaming. Ios and android phones are getting better, those games are getting better, the players are becoming connected in a global gaming community that provides feedback to industry developers. This is all helping this market to grow and prosper.

The induction of virtual reality into this world of mobile gaming is more evident than ever, and we are just waiting for some new generation of ios and android phones so we could have a full virtual experience. Even players who enjoy gambling can expect more customization in the upcoming period as player’s feedback and their desires are becoming more important than ever. This is that area where developers gain an advantage over their competition if they manage to obtain good communication with their customers. Your word counts in this world of mobile gaming, so do not be shy to voice your opinion and help designers craft that game of your dreams. Whether you like to play just for pastime, or you just love solving riddles all day, the future concerning this industry will certainly make your dreams come true.


We always seek new ways to entertain ourselves, and this combination of online games and mobile technology may be just what we need to. It is about accessibility, it is about the feeling that these titles are always available for your pleasure. Even better, they are not just available, they are customizable plus there are thousands of titles for you to choose from. Getting a top-quality smartphone is the first step in equipping yourself for all those joys of mobile gaming. This way you can explore everything that this industry has to offer and immerse yourself into this beautiful world of our imagination.