Could Ice Hockey Become Any More Playful?

Ice hockey is by far one of the most entertaining sports ever. On one hand, there’s the sports part – players chasing a small puck on the ice, trying to get the puck into a small goal, past a rather large goalkeeper. On the other, there’s a different kind of action going on on the ice, often bloody and aggressive, but insanely enjoyable to the public. It’s serious and playful, aggressive and sportsmanlike at the same time… but can it be even more playful?

Yes, it can – if you give the Break Away online slot a try.

Reels and ice

Break Away online slot is not the first sports-inspired slot machine to be released at the Red Flush Casino, and certainly not the last. It was released in 2012, and it came with an innovative approach, combining all the best parts of the slots with an element borrowed from the most popular social games of the times: the reactor feature. The symbols involved in a winning combination disappear from the screen (they “break away”, so to speak), allowing others to fall into their place and form further winning combinations – much like in Candy Crush and other similar games.

Playing with ice

Break Away is the Red Flush Online Casino’s homage to one of the most entertaining sports ever. All its symbols are hockey-related: there are helmets and sticks, skates and uniforms, players and referees, as well as the Cup itself, represented on its reels. Its background sounds and occasional musical piece makes you feel like sitting at the side of the rink, waiting for the game to begin.

And when the game begins, the wins start to flow toward all Red Flush players seeking some playful ice hockey action. The reels turn, the symbols break away and are replaced with others, and the credits continue to accumulate in their accounts.

The first of many

While Break Away was not the first sports-inspired video slot machine at the Red Flush, it was the first of a series of similar games, paying a tribute to some of the most followed sports in the world. To make things better, all games in the Sports Star series were released in relation to some of the most prestigious sports events in the world. Football Star – the first official part of the Sports Star series – was launched ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It was followed by Rugby Star, launched ahead of the 2015 Rugby World Cup, then Cricket Star, in relation to the 2015 Cricket World Championship. The string of sports slots has ended (for now) with Basketball Star, a tribute to one of the most popular ball sports ever. Hopefully, it was not the last one – there are still tons of popular sports to explore around the world.