Cash in on the Top NCAA College Football Predictions

College football is very popular on this part of the globe with an estimated 71 million households tuning in regularly to watch games per season. It remains one of the nation’s top spectator sports and as such is prime for betting activities. With more games per season to bet on compared with the NFL, college football gives bettors greater chances of payouts.

To cash in on this goldmine there are some salient points you need to note on how to bet on college games

  • Spread bets: the most popular betting form still remains the spread bet. This bet equals your chance of winning the bet as betting on either the winner or loser still ensures a payout. Days before a game the spread (sometimes called line) for college football is released in advance. The spread outlines the favoured and unfavored teams with favored taking a “-” sign and the underdogs having a “+” sign. Take a sample game for instance

Team Spread Final Score

Duke     +3  -115                    30

North Carolina   -3  -105     31

The bookmakers charges you -115 if you bet on the Duke who are the underdogs of this match. If the Dukes lose by less than 3 points the bet is still covered and you cash out with bet and profit.

  • Moneyline

Betting in this manner means simply picking who you think will win the game. Various odds placed on each team are the major determinant of the amount of payout to be received.

  • 1st Quarter/Half Lines

NCAA football is divided into first quarter and half lines and provisions have been made to enable place bets on the expected outcome at these time. The 1st quarter is about a quarter of the game line while the 1st half line is half of the whole spread.

  • Halftime Lines

Only strictly available during halftime of the game, these lines use the happenings of the 1st half to help predict the subsequent occurrences in the game. This is a gio4d way to capitalize off betting as a good punter can adequately match behavior of players to predict final results.

  • Totals

Very popular form of betting in NCAA, here sport books predict what they think would be total points each team would score and you, the bettor, places your bets over or under that score.

  • Parlay/Teasers

Combining all of these betting forms like spread, money line and total bet results in what we call a parlay or teaser. This increases your chance of a payout buy with one caveat all your bets must win before you can cash out. A teaser is the same as a parlay except you can reduce your risk and also gain of playing a parlay by putting down a number of points. If you have a line of -5 and a 2 point teaser bet you’re ending up with a line of -3.

There are numerous betting options available for the bettor and everyday lots of people end up cashing out from college football betting. To further help you pick out the game and teams needed to facilitate your betting, here’s a free ncaa picks platform to serve all your betting needs.