Cardinals vs Colts Preview and Free Pick [Week 2]

Unbelievably, this one may be a better matchup than what the consensus says it will be. The question of the day is this; are the Colts as bad as they played against the Rams? It was brutal, ugly and downright rotten for the lackluster Colts. As the old saying goes “you must have a quarterback’ and this is absolute truth. In the NFL, you must have a quarterback. The Colts look as if they have no quarterback, for Tolzien; things couldn’t have been worse. 9/18 for 128 yards and 2 interceptions and it looked uglier than it is on paper. The best bookies have this one at -7. Can the Cardinals recover from an ugly loss in Detroit?

Picking the Right Sportsbook  –  Not all price per head shops are created equal

Carson Palmer wasn’t much better in an ugly performance and eventual smack down at the hands of the Detroit Lions. Palmer went 27/48 for 268 yards with 1 touchdown and 3 interceptions and a quarterback rating of 53.1. Palmer has been horribly inconsistent and predictably, unpredictable. Do his woes carry over to Lucas Oil or does he right the ship? Look for great prop odds on Carson’s total yards and be sure to check it out with your favorite online sports book.

Chuck Pagano has got to get real. He has always been a great “ra ra” head coach. He had better dig deep and find a way on this one or his job is on the line. Every NFL fan knows the heartwarming story of Pagano and his fight with cancer. Pagano is a great man and a wonderful community guy. The heart warmth is over! Thankfully Chuck beat cancer and that chapter is behind him, and the Colts. Now it’s time to put up or get shown the door. Pagano realizes that time is not on his side here and the entire Colts organization is growing weary and patience is wearing thin. He had better have a plan. Gamblers love these types of games and bookies know it. If you have ever thought of becoming a bookie or possibly, you have a few players now, then this is the time to consider a pay per head service. The Best Bookies are making a killing; why shouldn’t you?

The bottom line is this:

The numbers look bad, because they were bad. The Colts went to LA and stunk up the joint. They rarely repeat a bad performance; with or without Andrew Luck. The Cardinals/Colts are neck and neck on paper and this game boils down to a couple of factors; quarterback play, the running game and defense. The Colts are not going to give up 46points, not in Indianapolis; it’s not going to happen. Against the Cardinals, Gore can put up 90 + rushing yards and look for TY Hilton to have a monster game. If you haven’t made a deposit yet to your online sports book now is the time. The Colts are a great “if bet” or possibly great on a teaser card.


Pagano rally’s the troops and finds a way to upset the Cardinals…


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