Bradshaw on Coughlin

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By Bob Acton

Although I did not have the opportunity to view the interview,apparently former hall of fame quarterback and now CBS broadcasterTerry Bradshaw did not exactly have kind words for Giants coachTom Coughlin.

It seems that Coughlin the former drill sergeantwith the Jacksonville Jaguars for a few years, has decided totake the same military approach with him to New York that ultimatelyled to his demise in Jacksonville. The NFL had already reprimandedthe belligerent coach for his excessive off-season workouts, whichviolated the agreement between the Players Union and the NFL.

Not happy with his players attitude, Coughlinintroduce a new rule to the team this past week, that requestedall players to be present 5 minutes prior to a established meetingor practice time. This is not something new in professional sportsas several teams do it, with basically a 9:00am meeting reallymeeting 8:55am. The purpose is obvious that if people are strollingin to a meeting 30 seconds prior to start time, you lose about5 minutes by the time everyone says their hello’s and gets seated.

Apparently 3 players, Carlos Emmons, Barrett Greenand Terry Cousin arrived two minutes before the start of a meetinglast weekend and were told by Coughlin that he was fining then$500.00 for being late. The players have now filed complaintswith their unions, stating this is unfair as the scheduled timeis 9:00am, therefore they are not late, and they have a validcomplaint.

Whether it is professional sports or the workplacein general, running a business using intimidating tactics is notgoing to cut it these days. You cannot demand respect, you mustearn it, and quite frankly Coughlin has committed a fatal mistake.

He is going to battle with a team that does notrespect him, or believe in his philosophies. Sixty percent ofhis players earn larger salaries then him and are so young, thatthey fail to grasp what he is trying to teach them. This sortof rift will lead to poor performance on the field and that wasevident on Sunday, when the Philadelphia Eagles thrashed them.

When you are investing your hard earned dollarsin professional sports wagering, know that this type of dissensionis prevalent in the locker room, may go a long way in insuringthat you select the right team to wager on come Sunday.

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