Betting MLB Road Teams

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Value in MLB Road Teams Equate to Profits
By Tony George

Trends always develop over a MLB season, unique in characterto previous year’s every season, teams like the White Sox thisseason, still carrying decent moneyline numbers under -150 forinstance with a monster run in place, always pop up and are goodto ride till oddsmakers catch on. The problem is, most of theseruns are short lived and one has to pay particular attention todeveloping runs and reap the profits while you can.

Early in this season, some teams have found success on the road,so I thought I would take a look at them, since most moneylinefavorites laying the heavy chalk are home teams, you can findsome decent numbers in your favor to add to your bankroll on theroad with value team scenarios.

Baltimore comes to mind, and why not, they have MLB’s best battingaverage as a team at .291, which is simply off the map. As statedin my preseason write-ups, I was impressed with their pitching,but thought they would be able to light up the scoreboard thisseason, and so far they have done it with little help from superstarSammy Sosa. I see the Oddsmakers still not convinced totally,as they usually are getting a number on the road, and it perplexesme, since as of 05/15/05 they have lost only 4 games on the road,and are the second best team in baseball, look for some valueas I do not see them faltering anytime soon they way they areknocking it out of the park. The O’s bullpen is ranked 10th inbaseball, and their starter Ponson is 3rd best in the majors rightnow. Worth the take as a dog.


The Chicago White Sox are having a MONSTER startto the season, and of course the best record in the majors atthe moment. The Sox are getting it done at home and on the road,since you do not have the best record by accident, so we all knowyou are getting it done on the road. Great pitching out of Garlandand Burhle does not hurt, and having the moneyline success, ranked#1 in MLB right now, as a team to bet on, has oddsmakers attentionas the White Sox care carrying high lines, but the payouts havebeen solid and consistent, I milked them 3 times last week, includingback to back days once. The bullpen is ranked 3rd in MLB withan overall ERA 3.31, pretty impressive, and they are in a weakdivision in my opinion. Jeff Garland is the #1 ranked moneylinestarter in baseball at 7-0 with his starts this year. Keep aneye on these guys, but it is best to play them on the road, wherethe lines are lower.

I also look at road dogs where the bullpens areranked in the top 5, especially in an underdog role as a possibletake. Right now teams that meet the criteria are the Twins whoare ranked #1 with an impressive 2.27 ERA followed in order byCleveland, Anaheim, Milwaukee and San Diego. Of course you needto look at the starters for each game before pulling the triggersince no bullpen can recover down 4 or 5 runs, but scenario’swill exist where you can find some real value with +140 or betterwith a decent starter on the road with a strong bullpen, and insome cases, and unlikely team can catch a nice roadie +140 orbetter.

Just food for thought as the season is hittingfull stride, and some pointers for you to consider when you aregetting ready to lay heavy chalk at home. I have won 9 out ofmy last 10 in the past 10 days with favorites of under -145, soshort favorites and underdogs are the best way to not spread yourselftoo thin, and some of the teams mentioned here will be worth alook.

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