Becoming a Bookie in Covid Times

We are still right in the middle of the pandemic and it has been rough times for everyone in the world, including us in the sports betting industry, of course. However, COVID-19 has brought change and chance for improvement and opportunities in every business, and we need to learn how to take advantage of this.

As hard as it is, and as careful as we need to be, the pandemic has brought opportunity for all of us who have the chance to work online. This, plus the help of a good price per head operator such as have made life easier for everyone in the world who’s been dreaming of being in the sportsbook industry.

How can I maximize my online presence as a bookie?

There are many different ways in which bookies are taking advantage of technology right now in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. As much as this virus has come to change business as we know it, it also brings many opportunities and new ways to explore.

The fact that people are at home right now gives us the chance to get to them in a wider way. It’s true, about a year ago sports were pretty much cancelled, but little by little they started coming back, stronger than ever, and people are now used to enjoy their favorite sports and games on TV or online, at least while we wait for things to be safer so we can go back to the stadium.

This is a good time for you to solidify your online presence as a bookie operation, make sure your players are happy, make sure you’re offering a wide variety of lines and odds, and not only that, but making sure you’re offering different betting products is important as well.

Sure, sports are always going to be important in our life in this business, but the pandemic has taught us that people are also keen to playing casino games, poker, or bet on horse racing tracks, and your sportsbook needs to be ready to give them what they’re looking for.

Payment methods have also evolved during the pandemic

Don’t forget the fact that being at home and being able to be online all the time has also come to change the way people do transactions and handle their money usually. Price per Head operators are well aware of this and that’s why we have made sure to offer different types of payment methods, including different online solutions and of course the biggest trend in the industry right now, cryptocurrencies.

As a sports book owner you need to make sure that you’re offering your players everything they’re looking for, as well as making them feel comfortable and relaxed, knowing that all of their needs are taken care of right there in your platform.

There are many more things we can talk about right now that have come to change during the past few months in the sportsbook industry. If you have any questions, make sure you go to our website,, or give us a call right away and will be happy to help.

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