Beating the Odds: The Best Strategies for Winning at Craps

Craps may look chaotic and confusing to new players, but with some simple strategies, you can dramatically improve your odds and have more fun at the table. This guide breaks down craps fundamentals, the best bets to make, how to manage your money, and tips for staying disciplined – helping you beat the house edge and leave the casino a winner.

Understanding Craps Fundamentals

Before employing any craps strategies, you first need to comprehend the essential rules and betting options of the game. Here are the key things new Spinz Casino New Zealand players should know:

  • The Shooter – One player is designated the shooter each round. They roll a pair of dice, trying to land specific numbers to win.
  • Phases of a Round – Each round has two phases – the come out roll and the point phase. The game’s tempo, and allowed bets to change between them.
  • The Pass Line Bet – This is the most common wager, which wins if the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 on the come out or rolls their “point” number before a 7.
  • Odds Bets – After making a Pass Line bet, you can make supplemental “odds” bets with zero house edge. This hugely boosts potential profits.

Minimizing the House Edge

The craps table layout has tons of colorful options, but most are sucker bets aimed at novices. Avoiding these and focusing on good-value wagers is key to gaining an advantage. The best bets to make are:

  • Pass/Don’t Pass – Simple bets on whether the shooter will succeed or fail on come out and point rolls.
  • Come/Don’t Come – The same idea as above, but only allowed after the come out.
  • Odds Bets – As mentioned, these have no house edge and multiply potential winnings.
  • Place Bets – Allowed at any time. Lower house edge than one-roll “propositions.”

House Edge by Craps Bet

Bet House Edge
Pass/Don’t Pass 1.41%
Come/Don’t Come 1.41%
6 or 8 Place Bets 1.52%
5 or 9 Place Bets 4.00%
4 or 10 Place Bets 6.67%
Odds Bets 0%

As shown above, the allowed additional odds bets are hugely valuable, eliminating the house edge. Place bets also offer reasonable edges, beating out one-roll “proposition” bets.

Bankroll Management Strategies

With craps featuring peaks and valleys, proper bankroll management keeps you solvent during cold streaks. Key tips include:

  • 20x Odds Bet Minimum – Some casinos allow 100x odds bets – meaning a $10 Pass Line bet could have a $1,000 supplemental odds bet. But a 20x multiple ensures you have money left if you lose.
  • 1-3% Bet Spread – Wager between 1-3% of your total bankroll per bet. This gives sufficient playtime and prevents early “busts.”
  • Stop Losses – Set a loss limit per session (e.g., $500) and walk away when you reach it, rather than irrationally trying to recoup evaporating funds.

Recommended Stop Loss By Bankroll

Initial Bankroll Loss Limit
$1,000 $200
$5,000 $500
$10,000 $800

Disciplined Play

Adhering to stop losses and the above craps strategies means nothing if emotions take over and you abandon intelligent play. As the dice roll, remember:

  • Avoid Alcohol/Drugs – Intoxication loosens inhibitions and makes discipline impossible. Stay sharp if you want to beat craps long-term.
  • Don’t Chase Losses – Losing streaks happen. Accept them, take a break, and re-focus with a level head.
  • Ignore Emotion – The highs and lows of craps tug on your feelings. Make bets based on odds, not hunches.
  • Take Breaks – Craps is mentally draining. Regular short breaks keep frustration at bay.
  • Define a Stop Time – When starting a session, set an end time. This prevents unprofitable all-night gambles.

Making Money at the Crap Table

With its snake eyes and box cars, craps looks chaotic. But armed with the Pass Line bet, savvy odds wagers, solid bankroll management, and strict discipline, players gain a mathematical advantage against the house.

Stick to the methods above – ignoring tempting sucker bets and emotion while targeting good value – and you’ll boost your odds, manage risk, and have a rollercoaster of profitable entertainment. Soon those dice will have you yelling “Baby needs a new pair of shoes!” as you rake in stacks of chips.

So grab the dice with confidence and let them fly! Combine these craps commandments with some practice and luck, and that cash will keep flowing as steadily as a Yo on the come out.