Barry Bonds and Steroids

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By Bob Acton of Sportingbet USA – now –

If you get really bored one day and want to read a bunch oftrash, I would suggest you visit and take agander at the section titled Barry’s journal. In this space youwill begin to realize exactly what Mr. Bonds is attempting todo, to mask his overindulgence of anabolic steroids.

You can’t be serious Barry, that you are sincere in taking thetime to share with us your trip to the movies to see Star WarsEpisode III. He also stated that he had the opportunity to goto SBC Park and spend time with former Giants pitcher Juan Marachal’sfamily who were there for the unveiling of a statue in honor ofthe great pitcher.

This is a guy who used to ignore his teammates and in fact hadhis area roped off around his locker, to keep them away from him.How can we forget those days when he would hit those majestichomeruns and none of his teammates would be there to greet him.

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Players and fans could stomach Bonds all these years becausethere was no denying his in credible ability. We even ignoredthe whispers of drug use, even though his head grew to the sizeof a giant pumpkin and his physique became more ripped in his40’s.

Now as Bonds watches from afar how Jason Giambi’s productionhas dwindled with the Yankees, he realizes that the only way toconvince us that the reason when he comes back, his body is amere shell of last year’s is all the iv treatments.

He makes sure that he tells us how he was on IV antibioticstwenty four hours for two weeks and all he did was sleep. Theinability for him to train on a leg, due to three operations,will be his excuse for his loss of body mass.

Steroids will not make a baseball player a great hitter likeBonds is, but it will allow you to fight through aches and painsthat are associated with getting older and will give you morepower.

I had suggested recently that Sammy Sosa’s latest stint on theinjury list due to infection was raising eyebrows in some circles,as this is a guy who has gained 60 pounds of muscle from his rookieyear to now.

Please come back Barry and break Henry’s record, but promisesyou will drop this Mr. Humanitarian façade and how you just lovespending time, joking around with your teammates.

We like you better as a SOB!

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