A Prop Bet is Best

Millions of bettors enjoy wagering on Major League Baseball (MLB), National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), and hockey. Some of them search for sportsbooks that allow them to place easy proposition bets.

They are often based on the non-occurrence and occurrence of various sporting events. Here is an insight to prop bets.

Reading Prop Odds

You can lose many consecutive bets when you start wagering before understanding what proposition bets are. A sportsbook can provide the following prop odds:

NFL First Touchdown Scorer: Packers vs Eagles

  • Miles Sanders +1000
  • Zach Ertz +700
  • Aaron Jones +450
  • Davante Adams +300

You can stake $40 on Davante if you think he will score the first touchdown. Your payout will be $160 if your bet wins. Thus, you will get your initial stake and make a $120 profit.

The above example uses American odds. Even so, you can select fractional odds (1/5) or decimal odds (1.20). British bettors like using fractional odds while North American gamblers use American odds.

Placing Live Proposition Wagers

Live gambling is a popular form of betting worldwide. You can find betting action on ongoing matches at a favorite bookmaker.

Live proposition bets allow bettors to gamble on every at-bat, faceoff, drive or kick. For example, live betting is available for college football and the NFL.

A bookmaker can offer the following odds for how a drive will end:

  • Interception +900
  • Field Goal +500
  • Touchdown +250

Bookies change live odds rapidly. Hence, it is important to take advantage of such an opportunity whenever you find it.

How to Handicap Prop Bets

It is necessary to research to get an edge on proposition bets. You don’t have to spend hours checking different websites. Instead, you can visit a reliable odds analyzer that offers sports news and betting trends.

In the following Most Valuable Player (MVP) example, we will use retired players rather than the current ones:

  • Randy Moss +700
  • Emmitt Smith +500
  • Joe Montana +300
  • Barry Sanders +300
  • Jim Brown +250
  • Jerry Rice +175
  • Peyton Manning +150

You have to research every athlete’s performance leading to the Super Bowl in the above example. For instance, you can check Peyton’s overall quarterback rating, his calmness while under pressure in marquee games, and flexibility in the pocket.

Research the number of Sunday or Monday night games that the player has ever won in a regular season, his performance against previous opposing teams, and playoffs. You can make an MVP selection after making this analysis.

Moving Lines in Prop Bets

Proposition wagers don’t change with the market like other bets. Normally, prop markets don’t change continuously when point spreads or totals change.

For example, bookies pull breaking news about a key player’s suspension or severe injury, money lines, totals, or sides of the board. But, props can remain constant for a while, thus allowing bettors to make more money from such news.

Prop Bet’s Suitability for Amateurs

Many recreational gamblers place prop bets. Yet, bookies don’t make huge profits from them as some sharp bettors capitalize on this market.

Easy proposition bets gambling sites rarely analyze each prop bet. Besides, props’ line movements occur automatically rather than due to human influence.

Sportsbooks don’t invest a lot in creating team and player props. They often use game-by-game and league averages when creating proposition markets. So, they don’t derive this option from totals and side markets.

Surprisingly, you are likely to spend more time handicapping a proposition bet than an odds compiler. They are among the simplest sports gambling markets, thus making them appropriate for amateurs.

Some beginners confuse futures wagers with prop bets. Futures are predictions about events that will happen after a while, as proposition bets involve wagering on an ongoing or a match that is about to start.

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