6 of the weirdest laws in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an exciting place, but it can also be a little bit strange. After all, this city is home to some pretty out-there laws. From mandatory selfie sticks to gambling ordinances and hotel room minibar rules, there are plenty of odd laws in the city.

But don’t worry. Just because these laws exist doesn’t mean they’re necessarily enforced frequently or consistently. Some of them may even be humorous enough that no one cares about enforcing them at all!

1. Interior design must be “purple”

When interior design in Las Vegas is allowed at all, it’s got to be “purple.” Yep, interior design in Las Vegas can’t stray from the color purple. So, if you’re a decorator, you’ve got to do your best to use purple paint, purple wallpaper, and purple furniture. And, if you’re a landlord, you’ve got to allow purple interior decor in your buildings.

2. Don’t mow your lawn on Sundays

And, it’s not just your neighbors out for a stroll who are going to be upset about this. If you’re caught mowing your lawn on Sunday, you’re actually breaking the law. Also, you’re not the only one who will be upset. Churches and schools are both out of bounds on Sunday.

3. It’s illegal to cheat in Las Vegas

If you’ve ever been to Vegas and wanted to try your hand at blackjack or roulette, you’ve probably thought about how you could cheat the system a little bit. After all, there are definitely ways to beat the house in these games. And, since it’s illegal to cheat in Vegas, you had better not try.

If you’re caught cheating in Vegas, you’re in violation of the gaming ordinances. And, this is something that definitely gets enforced. In fact, some casinos have actually installed card readers that will deny you entry if you attempt to cheat!

So, cheating in Vegas will definitely get you in trouble. And, it’s pretty serious trouble. You will be safer to play at casino online without verification.

4. You have to tip bartenders

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, you might know about the robot bartender rule. Basically, if you order a drink at a casino bar or restaurant, you’ve got to leave a tip for the bartender. However, the tip is not optional. You must leave a tip for the bartender who served you.

While this may seem like a silly rule, it’s actually a pretty serious public health concern. Not only can drinking alcohol be a public health concern, but drinking out of a cup is not as hygienic. So, if you don’t want to potentially spread some type of disease, you’ve got to leave a tip for the bartender.

5. Hotel rooms can only be occupied by human beings

When you stay at a hotel in Vegas, there are some rules about who can actually stay in your room. Basically, if you book a room at a hotel, you’ve got to actually stay there. If you check in but don’t check out, you’re breaking the law. And, this definitely gets enforced. In fact, you’ve probably heard of something called the room tax.

6. Selfie stick law

If you visit Las Vegas, you might know about the selfie stick law. Basically, if you have a selfie stick, you can’t use it in a public place. You can’t use it in a public park, on public property, or in any public place. The bottom line is, you can’t use a selfie stick in any place that’s open to the public.