5 Sports Betting Statistics Showing The Activity’s Popularity In America

Chances are that if you watch sports that you have possibly also wagered on a sportsbook. There are some recent statistics that have shown how popular sportsbook betting continues to be in America. You can bet online at Novibet when you are ready to bet on your favorite sport.

1. There Were 15,000 Betting Transactions On the 2024 Super Bowl Per Second

Americans were wagering a whopping 15,000 betting transactions on every second during Super Bowl 2024 (LVIII). The face-off between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers ended in the Chiefs taking the win. Since these two teams were facing off as a rematch of Super Bowl LV plus with Patrick Mahomes from the Chiefs going against Brock Purdy of the 49ers, bettors were super excited for the outcome and hoping to cash in on their bets.

2. The Most Common Sportsbook Bet Is Below $10

Bettors are keeping their sportsbook bets low with the most popular bets being $10 and below. About 28% of bettors make this popular wager amount. It’s low enough to conform to their budgets without also losing too much if the bet goes south.

The next most common bet wager range is $10 to $25, which about 26% of bettors take this betting range. Such low bets in general with a high enough bankroll can allow sportsbook bettors to place as many bets as possible to attempt the possibility of a profit turnaround if they were able to win one of them.

3. Sports Betting Increased By 28% From 2022 to 2023 In America

NPR reports state that sports betting activities have skyrocketed by a surprising 28% from 2022 to 2023. That was a total of $120 billion in sportsbooks bets placed on online platforms. Sports betting has become a part of many sports fans’ spectating and enjoyment experience whether it’s football, soccer, basketball, hockey, and the like.

4. Almost 50% Of American Sport Fans Have Placed A Bet In the Past 6 Months

A Seton Hall University study conducted by the Stillman School of Business revealed that almost 50% of sports fans have placed at least one bet in the past 6 months. About 55% of general fans and 71% of avid fans have placed a sportsbook bet in the past 6 months when asked in 2024. This averaged to about 48% of the general population securing a sportsbook bet within this time frame.

When asked in 2023 the same questions, about 53% of regular fans and 61% of avid fans with an average of 49% of the population have made a sportsbook wager in the prior 6 months. Out of 2022 to 2024, the number of avid fans making sportsbook bets increased the most, which had a huge weight on calculating the average amount of bets per year when compared to general sports fans.

5. About 31% Of Bettors Make A Wager Once A Week As of 2023

How’s this statistic for popularity? Close to a make a weekly wager on a sportsbook as of a study conducted in summer 2023. Especially sports fans that love spectating different types, this means that they could possibly be wagering bets all year during football, basketball, hockey, and other pertinent sports seasons.

While this statistic is down from the 71% of American bettors that used to place a bet once a week in November 2022 which was sourced from the findings of a Harris poll, any amount of sports fans continuing to make bets once a week continues to show the influence of sportsbook betting over American culture. The positive aspect of the downturn in weekly betting is that less individuals are enduring gambling addiction in the country now.