5 Most Popular Sports To Bet On In The World

Since the sports betting industry appeared on the world’s radar, it came a long way to gain such an influence it has today. More and more people keep exploring the gambling universe with the diversity of offers, providers both in online and offline format and comfortable payment solutions. And thanks to the trust and passion bettors have for the industry now it is allowed and legalized almost everywhere. In this article we’ll go through some of the most popular sports people choose to wager on worldwide.


The first sport on our list might not be as popular as others, but rugby is steadily making its way to the top. With 30 playing countries in the world and big events like the annual World Cup, this particular sport attracts more and more gamblers to engage in in-play betting with lots of variables. Some other rugby tournaments to take a punt on are the Six Nations in Europe, Home Nations in the Southern Hemisphere, the Champion Cup and Super Rugby League.

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Without a doubt, soccer is the most famous sport worldwide. With millions of fans and tournaments like UEFA Champions League and FIFA Would Cup it’s quite obvious that soccer is also one of the most-bet sports in the industry. The bets with the best odds can be placed either on individual matches or futures. And the fact that the matches are happening almost every day somewhere makes soccer betting extremely exciting and enjoyable.

American Football-NFL Betting

Being the most popular sport in the United States, American football gathers thousands of fans both as viewers and bettors. People have two options to place bets on: college football and professional football also known as NFL (National Football League). The greatest example of pro football is Super Bowl, which is a huge event known all around the world. The football season lasts only half a year – from August to February, but bettors are definitely spoiled with opportunities to make some money during that time. And for those fans who are extremely impatient there is an option to place a futures bet on who might be the winner.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is the sport that has been associated with betting for years. Even now, with such a vast choice of sports to bet on, it still remains one of the most profitable in the industry. Amongst the biggest markets for horse betting are Japan, UK and Australia. So even though this traditional sport isn’t as advertised as some others, it’s still alive and thriving.


Tennis is among the top-3 most popular sports to bet on. You can place wagers on who’s going to win a game or set with live betting. French Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon and US Open are some of the biggest tennis tournaments with the best players and millions of viewers. With only two outcomes possible and just a few factors affecting the game, tennis can provide fans with much improved betting value.

Final notes

So these are the most popular sports available for global gambling, but there are lots of others you can choose to bet on: cricket, basketball, cycling, golf, etc. Having such a vast choice you must remember one thing and that is to do some research before placing the wager. Get to know the game, find information about the players, check odds and predictions and doing that will guarantee you’ll get the best experience with no losses.