3 Free Boxing Streaming Sites in 2022

Boxing- a seemingly violent yet captivating sport. You must agree to this as you are reading this article. Well you have come to the right spot. This article will inform you about some of the best working sites where you can watch the most streamed sports events in football, basketball, tennis, and UFC.

The top sites for free boxing streaming are USTV Go, Streameast, and 123TV. A VPN and ad-blocker are enough for seamless streaming. Read more of this article to find out!

Though many discard the sport of boxing as too violent, others appreciate the skills and techniques implemented in it. If you do not want to spend your bucks streaming this sport, finding a legitimate and free streaming site can be a bit exhausting. That is why this article has collected a few of the best boxing streaming sites so you can enjoy this sport.

Top boxing streaming sites

Whether you want to see the live telecasts or want to relish older classic matches you remember, these sites will provide you just that. Check how to stream NBA broadcasts here.

1. USTV Go

USTV Go is one of the ideal sites for you to watch live matches of not just boxing but also other sports on US TV. The user-friendly interface will make it easier for you to navigate throughout, giving you a smooth streaming experience.

With over 90 US channels to choose from, however, you will need a VPN to access this site. You will not be able to access USTV Go without a VPN as they prompt you to get one beforehand. You can use some good VPN services that offer a free trial with a guaranteed money-back policy, like NordVPN.

2. 123TV

Another popular site is the 123TV which you can use to watch boxing matches for free. It gives you access to live US channels like ESPN, NBC, and over a hundred others without hassle. You may also want to know the NHL Hockey news.

Like USTV Go, 123TV also needs you to have a VPN on your device for safe and secure streaming. Otherwise, they will not be able to show you the content from the US channels. With a good VPN service, streaming boxing on 123TV has never been better!

3. Streameast

No banners or irritating ads to disturb you, Streameast is another prime boxing streaming site for you. With the matches divided into sections of “Yesterday”, “Today”, and “Tomorrow”, its user-friendly navigation is made easy.

A word of caution for you to know- it is not an official site and may be illegal in some countries. You are advised to have an ad-blocker extension and a VPN for safe streaming.


  1. What is a streaming service?

It is an entertainment source online that is highly demanded nowadays. They act as a brilliant alternative to your traditional cable or satellite service, sometimes at a lower cost too. To have a legitimate streaming service, you have to make a monthly or annual subscription.

  1. Does Amazon Prime have boxing live?

Yes, it has. From the main card fights to PPV boxing events, Prime covers it all in high quality.

  1. Will streaming TV need the internet?

You will need the internet for streaming live. A recommended speed of a minimum of 3-7 megabits per second (MBps) is needed to stream without glitches or constant buffering. If you have 25 Mbps speed, it is ideal.

  1. Which is better- a smart TV or a streaming device?

You will not need a streaming device if you already possess a smart TV. But if you want features beyond your smart TV or a TV that is an older model, streaming is a better option then. Streaming devices have unlimited options and content for you to choose from.


There you have, the top 3 streaming sites for you to enjoy boxing. We advise you to be a bit cautious with these free streaming sites as they may not be legal in many countries. Take steps to secure your device from malware and you are good to continue. Happy streaming!