Why are New Zealand Casinos So Popular?

With fewer than 10 physical casinos all over the country, New Zealanders are increasingly patronizing online casinos. Given that Lotto and TAB are the only certified online gambling operators in New Zealand, it’s quite surprising how much New Zealanders spend on offshore casino sites. It’s a fact that a staggering 60% to 80% of Kiwis patronizing or have patronized one or two casinos, sports betting, and other gambling modes.

In view of these numbers, one begins to understand why casinos are quite popular among the New Zealand population. However, the numbers don’t just fix the enigma behind the popularity of New Zealand casinos, which has necessitated this article. Therefore, read this article for detailed instructions on how to claim casino bonuses.

Reasons behind the popularity of New Zealand Casinos

To satisfy our readers’ curiosity, reasons for the widespread popularity of casinos in New Zealand are adequately explained in the following paragraphs:

The legality of Playing at an Offshore Casinos

New Zealand is a liberal nation taking cues from the United Kingdom, Malta., Australia, and other online gambling-friendly nations. The country allows players to play online casino games at offshore international casino sites as much as they want. Players only have to stick to gambling regulations relating to players. New Zealanders, especially the young, have had to leverage the opportunity and win big on several casino sites with such freedom.

Proposed Review of the Gambling Act

The New Zealand Gambling Act of 2003 does not make provisions for some trends and standards obtainable in the gambling industry current. It is because of apparent lacunae that the Department of Internal Affairs has proposed to review, update, and amend the law to incorporate recent developments in the sector. One of the critical areas of note is the online casino industry, which is, without doubt, a billion-dollar industry. So, the government is making efforts to draw more attention and bring more casinos to New Zealand with a review of the law.

This move has given players the impression that they can stake at many online casinos outside New Zealand. With this in consideration, the growth of external casinos has been tremendous amongst New Zealanders.

Bonuses and Promotions

External online casino operators have been offering irresistible bonuses and promotions to New Zealand players while looking at how high the New Zealand market is soaring. While the mouth-watering bonuses are provided to new players and some existing players, most promotions are mainly available to existing players. With the bonuses coming with different wagering requirements or none at all (in some cases), New Zealand players have had a field day at several casinos.

It’s also worthy of mention that winning on bonus cash significantly increases loyalty to a casino. This explains why online casinos will continue to garner more popularity amongst New Zealand players.

Government Efforts to Combat Harmful Gambling Practices

The New Zealand government has been proactive in ensuring that online gambling does not become harmful to players. In this regard, the government in 2019, provided 60 Million New Zealand dollars to the gambling regulatory authorities to combat gambling problems among players. This led to monitoring players’ playing habits, and anyone found to be facing gambling addiction problems is denied access to online gambling sites. Such a player is also taken in for clinical gambling counselling.

With such laudable steps by the government to protect players’ interests, the rate of online-casino patronage and popularity has increased exponentially. This is anchored on the confidence of players that the government considers them necessary enough to be protected.

Overall Convenience and Protection of Players’ Data

New Zealand casinos offer a lot of convenience to players in New Zealand. For instance, players can deposit and withdraw money in the New Zealand dollar without converting to other currencies, thereby doing away with conversion charges. This alone has resulted in a detour from foreign-currency-based casinos to New Zealand-dollar casinos.

More so, all New Zealand casinos have high-end technologies that protect players’ information, such as the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This means that players’ information is confidential and remains a top-secret from third parties. This has amounted to the popularity of New Zealand casinos in recent times.

Last Thoughts on Why New Zealand Casinos Are So Popular

Casino sites that allow access to New Zealand players are quite many and can be accessed on your smart devices. Thus, it behoves New Zealand players to conduct due research and in-depth study before playing at any casino online or offline.