What Services Can Pay Per Head Offer You

New to the bookmaking industry and need to know more about pay-per-head (PPH) services?

Most people have misconceptions about PPH shops and what services they can offer. I’m going to do my best to clear those up throughout the remainder of this article.

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Bookmaking Software

The main thing a PPH service will provide is the software, which is mandatory.

No sports betting client is going to take you seriously without an online presence. The software is what will power your entire pay per head business. Without it, you have no business.

A PPH service allows private bookies to operate online. You’ll be able to create accounts for each of your clients and they’ll be able to log-in 24/7 to place bets or play real money casino games.

The majority of pay per head software also provides bookies with a racebook and casino.

Being able to provide 100s of casino games to your players can increase profits and help retain players that like to bet on sports and play casino games. PPH bookies will even be able to offer casino games using live dealers, which will instill a level of trust between you and your players.

Other Services Provided by PPH Providers

The bookmaking software is mandatory to start a PPH bookie, but there are other services provided by these companies. Some of  the services/features are free, while others may have additional costs.

  • Website: Most shops offer bookies a custom site for free, but some charge. You’ll definitely want your own URL, as it makes it easier to market your sportsbook and retain clients.
  • Hosting: Your website needs to be hosted on a secure server. Most bookies don’t have a lot of technical or server management experience, which is another reason PPH is great.
  • Odds Management: Setting and moving lines for hundreds of markets is impossible without help. The top pay per head services have in-house odds managers and line clerks.
  • Player Support: Being available if your players want to talk is something you should do, but you don’t want to handle every support query, which is where PPH support reps help out.
  • Consulting: A pay per head only makes money if you have clients. The best PPH shops will be available to consult you on your business and guide you in the right direction.
  • Financials: PPH services include reporting features. There are often dozens of reports that detail all financials, including credit limits, win/loss figures, exposure and much more.
  • Telephone Wagering: While not offered by every pay per head shop, the leading providers have call centers where your clients will be able to place wagers through a telephone call.

Some services even offer additional VIP services, but these often incur more fees.

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