What Online Bookies Need To Know About the Packers and Falcons Sunday Game

The Packers versus Falcons game this Sunday, Jan. 22, could end up as a classic.

For online bookie agents, the game figures to draw more attention in their businesses than the AFC matchup between Pittsburgh and New England.

One of the reasons why is because the game will be played indoors. Bettors prefer handicapping indoor football games since it’s easier to predict the outcome of football games played indoors.

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See below for three things that pay per head agents need to know about the NFC Championship Game.

There’s a Historic Total

The total for the game is at a historic 60.5. At one point, the total had gone up to 61.5. As of this writing, the total has fallen a full point to 60.5.

Even then, agents should expect that most of the money from their players goes over the total. Atlanta averages over 33 points per game. Green Bay averages 27 points per game.

But the Falcons hung 38 onto the Giants in their 38 to 31 wildcard game win. They punished Dallas with 34 points in their 34 to 31 divisional game win.

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Both QBs have Unbelievable TD to INT Ratios in the Last Four Games

Both quarterbacks have unbelievable TD to INT ratios in each team’s last four games. Aaron Rodgers has a 14 to 1 TD to INT ratio in the Packers’ last four.

Matt Ryan has an 11 to 0 TD to INT ratio in Atlanta’s last four games. Going back 5 games, Ryan’s TD to INT ratio is 14 to 0.

Although individual player prop betting hasn’t opened yet for either championship game on Sunday, one of the props is almost assuredly going to be whether Aaron Rodgers or Matt Ryan throws an interception.

Some agents might have a few players waiting patiently for the prop.

As soon as the prop is available, agents should make sure that a max betting limit is attached to the prop.

Most Bettors in Vegas are Taking the Points

66% of football handicappers are taking the 4.5 points on Atlanta. In a lot of books, the line has dropped from 4.5 to 4. It remains to be seen if pro players jump on Atlanta as the spread dwindles.

Online bookie agents should watch their specific book. If, for some reason, their players jump on Green Bay, they may have to use their layoff accounts.

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