What is Responsible Gaming?

Playing on online casino is perceived as a form of entertainment by many, it can also be very profitable for the lucky one. But it’s also a pastime that can make your time fly away in no time. In the beginning it can be quite easy to hide the problems, both for themselves, family and friends. But as time passes the problem becomes more apparent for people around them.

Problems with gambling can have very extensive consequences, not only for you as a player but also for your family and immediate surroundings. It can be experienced as very stressful and hard to see a friend struggling with gaming addiction, and not knowing what you as a relative can do to help.

Be aware of the risks of playing

All types of casinos seems like profit making business, meaning that a large group of players over time will lose their money. It is often when a player loses the game that their game abuse can start, they will think that if they just win the next round they will get back their lost money, this continues and many times by betting with money they don’t really have.

Problems with gaming is something that can affect all people regardless of age, gender, social status or ethnic background. However, there is often a connection between gambling problems and a family history of abuse of various kinds, and also if you started playing at a very young age. There are lots of great sources about gambling addiction on the internet that will help you stay informed about the subject.

Warning signs

Gaming abuse is often called hidden abuse because, unlike many other types of addiction, such as alcohol and drug abuse, it is very difficult to see the early effects. You are a game addict if you are psychological or socially addicted to play at the casino. You have a hard time to refrain from playing even though you don’t have the time or the money to do so. Other warning signals are that you start lying about your gambling or that you try to hide it. If you have begun to borrow money or selling your things in order to fund your gambling, your addiction has gone too far and it is high time to seek help.

Many who have problems with their gambling also needs to play for a bigger amount of money or for longer periods of time to experience the same rush when playing. It simply requires that they invest in a bigger sum of money to feel the same tension as when they first started to play.

It can feel like a very hard thing to start talking about game problems. Many who have problems with their gaming don’t show their feelings and it can be easy to get angry or disappointed if someone question your behavior. But without help, there are many who loses close relationships and bankrupt themselves. The only way to cure game abuse is to stop playing.

What does the casino do to help gaming addicts?

The gaming industry has come up with a number of strategies to take their responsibility. They are trying to prevent that a player gets problems with their playing and also to help the ones that already have those kind of problems. The staff at some of the casinos are trained to offer help and advice to the players that are having a gaming addiction and most of the online sites have different kind of test that you can take that shows if you are in the risk zone or not.

Many people are wondering if the online casino industry does enough to prevent the gaming abuse. Over the past few years, different ways have been developed to enable the players to regulate their gambling. For example, they can decide in advance how much money they can play for, per day, week and even monthly. Some online casinos have a deposit limit, as soon as it has been reached, it can not be exceeded. Some casinos even have introduced a feature that lets you shut down yourself from playing. This self-utilization can usually work for a period of 24 hours to 6 months. You can also choose to completely block any of the gaming sites from your computer simply by downloading a special software. Another trick is to contact the customer support and ask them to remove all your games.

If you feel that you are anywhere near or already in a gaming abuse, it is important that you talk to your family and friends so that they can fully support you. The first step to getting help is to admit for yourself that you do have a problem. Recognizing this to family and friends gives them a chance to help you and give you the support that you need, it can also mean that they can help you deal with the debts that your gambling has caused. Often the family and friends are prepared to give that help and support that is needed.

There are also several clubs and meetings around the country where you can meet others in the same situation as you, you might also find support lines that can offer anonymous and free advice for gambling users.