Virtual and Live Casino | A Great Option

Bookies are looking for fantastic options in the least of fantastic times. We realize what COVID has done to the gambling industry but not all is lost. There has been a boon in player activity and bookies are finding that not all is lost. Here is the deal: Gamblers will not stop gambling for anybody, and it matters not what their preference in gambling is. If you offer it, they will come. It’s this simple. If you are not offering a fantastic, online casino, you must start today.  Virtual and live casino dealers, 24-hours a day, is the hottest trend in gambling.

  • The casino is a big deal, it will earn you huge profits and there is nothing to do! You don’t need to be a casino expert or have experience in the gaming industry. You don’t need to be a Vegas insider with 25-years of knowledge. All you need to do is call the pay per head provider, sign up for free of charge, and get your players playing.

The Casino vs. the Sportsbook:

  • We are not here to tell you nonsense! We are here to tell you the truth to help you are a fantastic income. There is money to be made right now in the gambling industry and the casino is a cash cow. The sportsbook is great fun and it can be a huge winner. It can also be marginal. Players have a wealth of information at their fingertips and they can find anything about any player, team, or venue, in less than a minute. Players come much more educated these days and what they know can burn the bookie. This certainly isn’t always the case and indeed, a gamble is still a gamble. It’s also a gamble for you.
  • We are not saying to throw the baby out with the bathwater. No, keep your sportsbook, you are going to want it and sports will resume shortly. When sports does resume, the bettors will come with a vengeance. They will be looking to turn a quick profit and they will throw caution to the wind. Keep your sportsbook, your going to win huge when all of this COVID mess is over.
  • What we are saying is this: Find a fountain of cash right now. The casino is a guaranteed winner. Players have loved playing in the online casino for a long time now and they aren’t about to quit. They are looking for better options. You have the chance to offer them the best in virtual and live casino action, with the use of a top-notch pay per head.
  • The pay per head offers a fantastic online sportsbook, a world-class racebook, and the best in a Las Vegas-style casino that offers more than 100-games on the virtual side, and all of the player’s favorite table games with live dealers. What they get – is Las Vegas on their desktop or mobile device.
  • The casino is a guaranteed winner. The old saying “the house always wins” well, we know that’s “bull”. We know this isn’t true and as we spoke of earlier, the sportsbook business can be marginal. The casino is never marginal. Vegas wants to get back to work. They are losing millions daily and it’s not in the sportsbook where they are losing. They are losing because their casinos are not open. The casino is the money and the casino carries the sportsbook on it’s back.
  • You can be online within a day or two. If you are already with a PPH but would like something better; you can have your players integrated within a day or two. There is no excuse to not be earning a six-figure income. The casino affords you this opportunity and now you can offer it with the use of a pay per head.

Find a fantastic pay per head that’s willing to offer you a free trial and no fees during COVID-19. Read the bookie forums, read reviews, and find the PPH that comes with a standup reputation for customer service and fair pricing. You can expect to pay around $7-$10 for a white glove PPH. Make the call today and watch your profits grow in 2020.

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