UK Sees an Increase in Betting on US Sports

A growing number of people from the UK seem to be betting more on US sports. This is a positive development for both a growing market and sportsbooks alike, with an increase of profit generation based on the interest of UK punters. A number of reasons behind the increase is largely due to the generous deals such as the offer for new black type player upon registration.

The emergence of new betting sites offering lucrative promotions and offers for punters is the chief driving force as to why many UK nationals are betting on US sports at a rapid pace. One such betting site that has mastered the art of innovative promotions encouraging betting on US sports is the Black Type sportsbook.

Black Type introduced a unique sign up offer which no other bookmaker can compare to as of now. The bookmaker allows punters to bet without the fear of being blacklisted if they are able to land huge wins. Players are not banned nor are they limited in the amount they can win when they place their bets on Black Type. Unlike other bookmakers that place a cap on winnings, with Black Type, the sky is the limit. On offer at Black Type are virtually all sports including all popular US sports with a huge variety of markets for all sports.

On the other hand, looking at the increase use of technology to aid in betting on US Sports, is another key element. Many people in the UK are getting accustomed to various US sports thanks to easy access on HTML5 and desktop devices with internet capabilities. Based on this, we can see a direct correlation between the use of the internet and an increase among UK residents on US sports.

Of the many sports originating from the US, there have been a considerable few that have managed to hook in many fans from the UK. These sports include basketball, baseball, American football and the emerging American soccer.

Basketball has always been the one sport known globally to be the main sport of the US. A number of factors have catapulted American Basketball to the top echelons of world sports and within this genre resides famous record breaking names such as Michael Jordan. In an effort to follow the history and in understanding how one person can dominate a sport, has led many people to follow American basketball. Other names have followed in the footsteps of Michael Jordan and these include Kobe Bryant. The popularity of these sporting personalities makes American basketball a household name not just to the fans, but has also spread to UK bookmakers.

Further to the above, many Americans openly express their passion for baseball to different parts of the world through cultural exchange and global media. A sport which mainly had a huge following in the US only is now one of the most followed sports globally with a notable rise in UK.

American football is arguably one sport that has been introduced to the world by ‘Hollywood’ and American TV and is perhaps synonymous with the American way of life. After being introduced to this exciting and aggressive sport by means of several advertising channels, the world in general, and the UK in particular, have shown their interest through betting activities.