Trustly Enters Australian Casino Markets – Playing Pokies for Real Money is Now Secured

As early as the 1980s, the Australian video gaming market was ripe enough to justify heavy investments in the seamless payment methods among the operators. To date, the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (IGEA) reckons that close to 98% of all the Australian families have, in some way, interacted with a gambling device. The 2018 market data reveals total gambling expenditures crossed the $3 billion mark.

The Australian market’s continued growth reflects a similarity in the global scenario where the gaming industry notched a whopping $137 billion. By 2021, mobile gaming alone is expected to grow by a significant margin to reach at least $100 billion.

With the domestic market riding high on these figures, Trustly, a European-based company founded in 2008, has seen a potential gaming stronghold market that can be crucial in its futuristic expansion plans. The super friendly payments company supports gaming while on the go as you can timelessly process your deposits and withdrawals at the comfort of your device.

Having demystified the payment procedures across Australian online casinos, you can now effortlessly play pokies for real money without download and get fast payouts. As you enjoy a range of the best free pokies at, you have the freedom to instantly access and play on the best and trusted online pokies in Australia and NZ. The coolest progressive jackpot games and no deposit bonus offers for free are available.

Trustly Expands into the Australian iGaming Industry

Trustly is a big company for seamless online bank payments in Europe, the US, and the Pacific Asia region. It allows users, including gamblers, to receive payments directly from their consumer bank accounts with state of the art bank-level security.

Trustly is a big enabler for online transactions across the world. It enjoys over 2990 website-based payments and over 2,500 domains. The top industry verticals where Trustly is being used are captured in this table.

Industry Vertical Popularity
●        Gambling 34.88%
●        Computers Electronics & Technology 5.18%
●        Finance 4.44%
●        Vehicles 2.37%
●        Others 53.12%


In the news that revealed that Trustly was expanding its global footprints into the Asia Pacific region, the company’s global leadership explored deep into the Australian and Canada markets’ viability. As its first foot in the APAC region, Trustly has remained true to its core vision of making online gambling transactions as easy as possible. In what was described as the meaningful move in the company’s bold move of expanding its network to the rest of the world, its CEO, Oscar Berglund, opined that this was a major milestone in its ambitions building a global online banking payments network.

As a small company established in 2008, this Swedish company is duly licensed under the second payment services directive (PSD2). Its operations are regulated through the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. According to TechCrunch, this fintech is valued at over $1 billion. Its entry into the Australia market is mainly informed by the country’s vibrant online gambling sector.

Choosing Trustly Payment Solution for Playing Pokies Online

While Trustly couldn’t have come at a better time, here are some of the factors you ought to consider when choosing the ideal payment methods among the Australian online casinos.

  • Is the method SSL-encrypted? For security purposes, all transactions ought to be secured through the SSL protocol. This helps encrypt all the data and information for the card details, and any sensitive data are protected. SSL is usually denoted by a padlock icon mostly in the URL bar, and the web address starts with https.
  • Going by the international funds’ transfer services, PCI is a must. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS) give merchants a list of guidelines they ought to comply with to secure sensitive data when payments are processed. Nonetheless, a merchant does not necessarily have to be PCI compliant if he opts for the right payment provider (usually, one with PCI level 1).
  • Tokenization – Online payment companies are barred from storing clients’ credit and debit card information on their servers. When choosing the right method, go for ways that have been encrypted before storing the data. Tokenization ensures that sensitive data is replaced with a string of randomly generated characters hence reducing the risk of data breaches.
  • When choosing an online payment method, ensure that it is 3D secure. It is an additional layer of security that helps prevent fraud during the debit and credit card transactions. Whenever you want to pay for your online casino bill, you will be prompted to create a secure password to authorize the payment.
  • Does the method have anti-fraud tools? Fraud prevention tools are put in place to automatically scan and monitor every transaction, depending on your choice. This makes it possible to detect and deal with any potential fraudulent activity.

Bearing all these features, Trustly card is among the safest online casino payment methods. Others include PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, and AliPay, among others.

Trustly casinos in Australia are increasingly becoming popular as the company is relatively cheaper, convenient, and compliant with all the requirements regarding the international transfer of funds. The turnaround times are friendly while queries are attended to in record times.

Advantages of Using Trustly Disadvantages of Using Trustly
1. You can instantly play your favorite games given Trustly’s convenient Pay N Play feature 1. Withdrawals can take up to 3 working days to process
2. Players can easily make deposits and process withdrawals using their bank accounts 2. This method is limited to instant banking
3. Trustly is trusted by the gambling industry biggest operators 3. Processing fees may apply especially when withdrawing
4. All transactions are SSL-encrypted barring unauthorized third parties from accessing your information 4. Customers exclusively rely on Trustly’s competence to safeguard their banking details
5. Australian online casinos widely accept Trustly
6. No account registration is needed
7. Trustly boasts of anti-fraud tools that are capable of detecting and preventing any fraudulent activity
8. All deposits are instant while withdrawals are processed between 1-3 days, depending on the turnaround time of your respective casino


How to Make a Deposit Using Trustly

Using Trustly to pay your casino bills is easy. There are specific features that have been tailored to make the whole process user-friendly. You do not register an account with Trustly. The company provides the platform for using your existing bank account to pay for your casino bankrolls.

However, before using Trustly, find out whether your casino accepts payments from Trustly. Then top up your account and go to the online cashier section to select the method. You will then be provided with an API or an interface on which you choose your bank and log into your account using your standard access codes. Make sure to access your account over a secure and encrypted connection.

Click on the account you wish to pay and authorize the purchase with your favorite authentication method. This could be through an instant one-time code that is relayed to you via SMS.

Fortunately, Pay N Play is an exclusive online casino feature integrated into a casino to afford you instant deposit processing. It uses your bank information to remember you hence eliminating the need for extra sign up forms. Banking credentials become your login details while all the authentication is completed in the background to enhance a smooth casino gaming. For instance, if you come back to your casino, you just hit the continue button and resume from where you left.

With such friendly deposit procedures, here is the step-by-step guide to making deposits to your casino

  1. Select your bank and login using the standard process
  2. Choose the account from which you wish the deposit to processed from
  3. Proceed to confirm your payment using the preferred authentication method

How easy are Trustly Withdrawals

Processing your casino withdrawals via Trustly is as easy as making deposits. Whether you access the account through the Pay N Play procedure or the conventional process, you have to visit the online cashier section and choose Trustly as your cash out method.

In case you hold a verified account, withdrawals are seamlessly and instantly wired to the bank account. There is no additional info that is required.

The Know Your Customer (KYC) verification is a universal process across all jurisdictions. You are required to upload your details through scanned copies of ID, Driving License, or Passport. Within 2 to 3 days, the process is complete, and you will be ready to process instant withdrawals from your casino account through Trustly.

Depending on your jurisdiction and the casino you have signed up, withdrawals can take up to 72 hours to reflect in your account after placing the request to withdraw.

A quick guide on how to make Trustly withdrawals

  1. Log into your account and choose Trustly as the withdrawal option
  2. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
  3. Use the authentication code to confirm that you are the one initiating the withdrawal process
  4. Withdrawals take between 24-72 hours depending on your jurisdiction and verification status.

Tips to Speed up Online Casino Withdrawals

Getting your account credited with a casino win is what every gamer craves for. Ironically, it can be disappointing if you will have to wait a little longer due to delays in processing your withdrawals. Among factors that contribute to slow withdraws include

  • Incomplete verification details on customers’ account
  • Faulty website usages
  • Slow efforts towards the correction of mistakes made by the casino management
  • Unscrupulous operators to hold your wins.

Even with these factors, there are tips to speed up your online casino withdrawals.

  1. Always prefer methods with faster return periods like Trustly.
  2. Choose methods that expedite your payment with a processing fee. E.g., if you are using a check transfer, you can choose to pay the extra charge to have it sent faster
  3. Numerous online casinos have options for VIP programs. In case it is available, sign up to enjoy personalized services, including personal account managers, in some cases.
  4. Ensure all your account details are fully verified. Avail all your information when signing up. Give out all your identification details and the requisite banking information. It will reduce the likely frictions when processing your withdrawals.
  5. Ensure to only register accounts with well-known casinos that have a history of faster payments.

Australian Opportunities and Prospects of iGaming

Online gaming on mobile apps is entertaining. You do not have to travel into physical casinos to spin your favorite game in Australia. The integration of revolutionary fintech has further boosted this convenience into web-based casinos.

As Australia’s market continues to experience futuristic trends, mobile gaming has equally percolated across regions. Nearly 98% of the Australia household have been involved in some sought of gambling. This is why payment companies have invested vast resources into this segment of the market.

Trustly, for instance, has expanded its horizon to this Pacific Asia region after launching its online platform through which you can pay your casino wagers directly from your bank. With stricter adherence to international guidelines, this Swedish Company jealously safeguards all your transactions through SSL encryption protocol. You can as well rest assured as there are fraud prevention tools that detect any fraud in real-time to ensure ultimate security.

Embraced by the most prominent online casino operators in Australia, Trustly has lived up to the clients’ expectations through rigorous adoption of 3D security layers and The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS). Deposits are faster and instant, while withdrawals are promptly processed through a few clicks if your account is verified. As a quicker and reliable method, Trustly takes pride in its round the clock customer support systems that get back in case of any question regarding your deposits or withdrawals.