Top Tips for Betting on the NBA

One of the most important and exciting competitions to bet on is the NBA and with this season’s playoffs fully underway, we are here to tell you everything you need to know to gamble like an expert. Betting on the NBA is very simple and also really entertaining, however, you must take into account a series of issues that you must know before making your first moves, so you can avoid making beginner mistakes that can cost you money. There are many platforms worth checking out, so be sure to be one of the users who enters to read Royal Panda review after you check these top tips for betting on the NBA.

Rotations and breaks

If something can make the future of a match change completely, it is the fact that a key player for the team’s victory is there or not. Whether or not a key player plays is very important when betting.

So make sure you know which players will be off and what the rotations will look like. Also be sure to be checking for last minute drops. Once the official line-up is known, the bookmakers open their markets, but all this can change with a last-minute drop. Here live betting will be very beneficial to you, it is a way to deal with breaking news.

Before making your NBA bets, you must take into account a series of factors that will help you make a more accurate and realistic prediction, because remember that basketball is a sport where even the smallest detail or situation can change the course of the result.

Check the Statistics and Streaks

Numbers play a huge part in NBA betting, and they are hardly wrong. Always take a look at the statistics of all the players you’re going to bet on and figure out their strengths and weaknesses. You’ll be smart to identify a team’s streak; if the team you’re betting on has been losing for a long while now, be sure to understand why you’re betting on them and whether you should. Were they playing better opponents? Were they missing a key player through injury? Were they playing a style that doesn’t suit them? When you figure out how they have performed in previous matches, you’ll have the advantage. Also be sure to compare your analysis with that of the experts. If you are new to this, comparing your analysis with that of the experts will help you know if you are on the right track.

Popular Markets

You must also know the most popular markets for this competition that is so attractive and popular around the world. According to our experience and based on what the professionals say, these are some of the markets that are worth checking out

Bets on the Winner

As its name indicates, in this bet you have to predict which team will be the winner of the match. It is one of the best known markets and can be put into practice by both novice and professional bettors. In this type of bet, the odds are usually interesting and give us a sample of the team that is positioned as the favorite.

Handicap Betting

Just like in football and NFL betting, handicap bets are characterized by giving an advantage or disadvantage to the teams, according to how their odds are. In handicap betting, the team considered “underdog” appears with an advantage before the match starts, while the favorite starts with a points disadvantage.

Betting Basketball Totals

This bet, also known as over / under, consists of predicting whether the combined final score will be higher or lower than the line proposed by the bookmaker.

Future Bets

One of the favorite markets of fans and loyal NBA supporters is futures betting, also known as “advance betting”. This market is based on betting on results that will occur in the future and you can only bet before the events take place. For example, you can bet before the season starts on your favorites for NBA Champions, MVP winner, Rookie of the Year winner and other awards and titles.