Tips on How to Find World Class Bookmakers in Croatia!

Croatia is a country where residents love to play games of chance, and this is also the case with sports betting.

Moreover, according to statistics, they belong to the very top in terms of the number of people who bet (in relation to the number of inhabitants), being even stronger than the English, who invented the bookmaker.

That is why Croatians deserve a quality sports betting guide where they can get the best information about sports betting, where you can find all the information about online betting and also the best free betting tips. And honestly, you can find all that at

With their help, we’ve made this article to help you learn how to find the best sports betting site in Croatia for you to use. Let ‘s go to it.

Which Regulatory Bodies Control Sports Betting?

All Croatian betting sites are controlled by the state. As far as foreign bookmakers are concerned, each of these has certain regulatory bodies that control it and leased licenses that guarantee the reliability of the service. Of course, depending on the country in which one of these bookmakers is registered, it is regulated by the law of that country.

It is important to know that in Croatia there are laws that significantly harm gamblers, such as the Law on Tax on every win in the bookmaker, and manipulative costs, which reduce our final winnings, which is very noticeable compared to foreign online bookmakers.

For this reason, domestic bookmakers are trying in every possible way to ban foreign bookmakers from operating in Croatia, in order to protect competition. To some extent, they succeeded in that, because certain bookmakers were blocked by the tax administration.

Security and trust are essential in online betting

All of these licenses are very important to the security and trust we need to gain from gambling organizers. It is important that the best sports betting site invests considerable effort in the certification and encryption of our data, with special attention to credit and debit cards, to ensure that our accounts are always secure.

There are also independent and non-profit organizations, such as:

  1. eCOGRA
  2. EGBA
  3. ESSA
  4. iTechLabs
  5. GLI

These are all those little icons, logos of these organizations, which are at the bottom of the online betting pages.

They will guarantee player protection and also fair play, they will control the behavior of the organizers. In case you cannot resolve any dispute with your bookmaker peacefully, you can contact them for legal assistance. These are very important items when betting so that players are completely protected.

Deposits and withdrawals from an online bookmaker in Croatia – How easy is it?

What can bother many at the beginning when choosing bookmakers is how they can deposit and how to withdraw money from the user account. How simple, fast and safe this process is is a very important segment for Croatian betting sites.

In this part, domestic bookmakers have a small advantage, compared to foreign online bookmakers, precisely because payments and withdrawals can be made in branches.

But this is not necessarily the case, because someone prefers a quick transfer of money from a bookmaker to a bookmaker, and this can be done using various online services.

The best example of a money transfer service, which serves as a virtual bank account, is Skrill (formerly called Moneybookers. All top bookmakers offer the above service, and it is very popular among them.

There are other methods of payment using various debit or credit cards, via internet banking, and recently some bookmakers have offered some cryptocurrencies, with an emphasis on Bitcoin. The goal, of course, is to allow you to transfer money safely and quickly, and it is up to you to choose the best of the many options on offer.

Mobile betting applications on Android and iOS devices

With the development of smartphones, it was a matter of days until bookmakers would launch their mobile betting apps. Whether it’s Android or a device from an Apple workshop, serious bookmakers will offer you their mobile version.

Applications often have, in addition to the betting offer, various statistics and news, and it is not uncommon for them to offer various bonuses for their players through the application.

Precisely from the above differences, it is good to have applications installed from the bookmaker where you bet so that all these things are available to you anytime and anywhere.

The reputation of bookmakers online

In the past, there were cases when some domestic bookmakers failed, which is why many bettors today are skeptical about all the new bookmakers coming to the local market.

However, if it is an international bookmaker, it may be already consolidated in other countries. That is why it is important to get to know the bookies before registering to them and you can do it by searching for a sports betting guide for that specific betting site.

Thankfully, the vast majority of bookmakers we know today have been in business for many years, which gives us confidence that they will continue to do so in the future.

The important thing is never to forget to search for information before registering in a new bookmaker. That way you can avoid going to scams.


There are some really interesting options for bookmakers in Croatia and you can find local or international options for you to place your wagers.

It is true that the best one will vary from person to person, as some will prefer certain things, while others will focus on other features. However, one thing that will always be a rule before choosing one is searching for information about it before.

Be sure the one you’ve chosen is secure and trustable. After that, you can register without problems.