The NFL Players & Their Money-Making Opportunities

NFL is the leading sport in the US, and league clubs finance the association. The major revenue sources of the NFL are TV broadcasting, license rights, ticket sales, and sponsorship. But have you ever wondered how the players make money? If you are familiar with NFL, you must be aware that the off-season is relatively longer than the on-season. In that case, the major question arises, what are the possibilities left for the players to make money when the livescore table is empty? This article covers all the answers to the above question, so if you are a big fan of the NFL, stick to the last to know about the money-making opportunities for the NFL players.

How do NFL Players Make Money During Off-Season?

The major event of the NFL is the Super Bowl which usually occurs during September, but before that, a Pro Bowl event occurs. But in this event, the players who already signed the club for Super Bowl can’t participate, but if their club wins, they will get the financial benefits. This kind of incentive is one source of money the NFL players get without participating in the Pro Bowl, but their club must participate.

Additionally, there are some other sources, too, so let’s see about some NFL players who made good money during the Off-Season of NFL.

Glover Quin

Glover Quin, the former football safety who played for Houston, Texas, for four seasons and Detroit Lions for six seasons, applied the utmost strategy to make money. In the field, he was outstanding, and out of the field, his monetary policy was terrific. Quin believed that spending money on luxurious items is useless as the best way to make money is the investment.

Quin made good money through the investment approach and used his savings for the same. When he was in the field, he used 30% of his salary for the livelihood of the family and the remaining he saved. Later, he invested his savings in the blue-chip stocks, and after some years, he made an amazing profit. So, he suggested the youth and the current NFL players invest the money in other sectors rather than spending on unnecessary items.

Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch, aka Beast Mode, is known for his running style and also, and he won the Super Bowl title with Seattle Seahawks. Lynch is one of the finest players in the NFL, and he made a lot of money through multiple sources; on the football field only, he earned $56 million.

If you go through his net worth in 2022, it is $35 million, and the major source is the investment in the companies. Lynch made good money through the endorsement, and the major companies on the list are Nike, Microsoft, Activision, Subway, and others. If you go much deeper, you will find some more names, i.e., Beast Mobile and BMX bike. Lynch advertises the beast mobile and BMX bike; he is the one for the brand’s popularity.

Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins, the current quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings and the former player of Michigan, made good money through NFL and other investment sources. The current net worth of Kirk is $50 million, but in 2018, Minnesota Vikings’ three-year contract with Kirk shook the entire NFL industry because the amount was $84 million, the highest one during that period.

Kirk Cousins has saved his money and invested the same in multiple sources. Furthermore, he also tells the youth and co-players that they must save money as nobody knows how much they will be on the field. So, saving the dollar and utilizing the same in a proper platform to make money is an ideal strategy to live a happy life.

Jordy Nelson

The former wide receiver of Green Bay Packers is best in grabbing the money-making opportunity. Looking at this current wealth stats, you will be amazed as it is $25 million. In his profession, i.e., in eleven seasons in NFL, he made $56 million, and when he is out of the field, he utilizes the time in farming.

Jordy Nelson made a contract with several companies for the advertisement, which is the best way for a famous NFL player to earn money. If you go through the domains of the endorsements, there are many, and the top of them are Dove, Bellin Health System, Fantasy Draft, and Kohl.

Andrew Luck

The former quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts gave a new dimension to the club and was also regarded as the Comeback player of the year. The reason is that Luck stayed out of the field due to injury, but in the Pro Bowl event, he returned and made the club reach another height.

In his professional career, Luck signed the biggest deal with Indianapolis Colts, i.e., $123 million. But if you follow his life, you will find that he mostly uses the flip phone instead of an advanced one. Luck stated to the USA today on this matter and said that the phone is a mode to get connected, and he doesn’t want to be associated.

The above statement shows that Luck believes in a simple life and avoids spending vain money. Furthermore, if you look at his other revenue generation sources, you will find the prime one is the endorsement. Luck made millions through the endorsement with famous brands, such as Nike, DirecTV, Panini, and Body Armor.

Bottom Line

NFL is a great sport, and it gives a lot to the players, including the money. The same money was adequately used by most of the former players, and currently, they are well settled in life. Furthermore, some of the players used other options to use their savings, such as bonds, stocks, and others. Those players made good money and currently living a happy and lavish life. Some of them even have ongoing contracts with sports bookmakers like Sbobet and others.

The listed players in NFL show the real picture of earning money through money, and it is the best way to live life. There are some other names too on the list: Carl Nassib, Derrick Morgan, Rob Gronkowski, and others.